On the steps

Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction


1. About Skylar

Heyy, I'm Skylar
Skylar Jayleen Bluhm
Bday: march 10 1992
Fav color: hot pink
Artists I listen too: Taylor swift Avril lavinge back street Boys Cher Lloyd eminem Rihanna(sometimes) nicki minaji Adele and I started to find an interest in the band .. Erg. One .... Direction?
I don't really have anytime for music anymore considering it's my last year and last week of university I study in hair styling makeup and nails. My mom died from a heart attack (I sorry of those who are reading this and parents have died if heart attacks I'm truly sorry) and my father well he sorta just left the world after my mother died he excluded everyone from his life, I have a older brother called Hayden and a older sister called Haley the both moved to new York while I'm here in a small town inside of a place called Hamilton. I have a bunc o friends ones I can rely on to help me and support me but I only have 1 tht I can really tell my secrets to and problems her name is Chloe, Chloe Scarlett Semendet. Well I gtg and get ready for grad thats in 2 days
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