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Gracie is 18 years old and a quite shy girl. She moved from London all the way to Florida because her mom got a new job. She missed all her friends and family but mostly one person. Her best friend, Harry Styles. She hasn't seen him for about 7 years and doesn't know he is in a famous boy band called One Direction. After they run into each other at the mall, does Harry have sudden feeling for her?

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15. Time Flew By.. With Dogs!

Gracie's P.O.V

About a year has past. The boys were already had a few concerts with their second album, Take Me Home. The concert first started at Ft. Lauderdale. Thousands of people. I swear I had to wear head phones the whole time so my ears wouldn't bleed or me going deaf. But the fans (or Directioners as they are called) are really sweet. They send nice tweets, fan mail, posts, fan-page, stories or whatever they think of. While other just hate. HATAS GONNA HATE BRO! But I just let it go by. I'm not the type who gets very emotional and starts to cut them selves. God no. It hurts inside but you know. THEY aren't the Directioners.

 Kenzie and Liam have been getting really close friends. Poor Liam and Dannie broke up. But you know, he has us still. Louis and Eleanor are good. But I don't see them talk a lot now. Zayn and Perrie broke up a few days before the tour started. Shame.

*(I have full respect for them. But someone might want zayn for the contest so yea. Just leaving Harry unable to date. K bye)*

Me and Harry are still strong. I think.. He has been busy these past few days so its usually just me and sometimes Kenzie around the house.

 Few months ago me and Harry, and the rest of the boys, decided to get a dog. Yes a dog. Since i'm around there's time to keep one. Its a girl and her name is Darcy. Harry said it's a special name for him. Like I have ANY idea. She's a very smart dog to.

Now I'm going to tell you what kind of dog she is. Don't judge because I think its a very fun dog to have. She is a 94 pounds, white with big black spots (looks like a dalmatian) 76 inch long, Great Dane. Yes she is a Great Dane. This dog, I swear. When it's on its two back legs this thing is taller then me. Try putting this animal on a plane. Well we can't leave it here so we have to give it up. 

Yes I know. We only had it for 4 months but they grow quick. It breaks a lot of things too. But don't worry. It's not going to a pound. I'm giving to my dear friend who always wanted one. And since were giving that one up we decided to get a different dog.

The dog we decided was a Shiba Inu. So a few days before we leave. We give big Darcy away and say hello to little UNKNOWN. I have a list of names for her but can't find one :/ ITS HARD OK!

   So as you can see, a lot has happened over the past 10 months. Oh and by the way. Its 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. Everyone is going their separate ways soon. No the band isn't breaking up. I mean going away for the holidays. Louis going back to Doncaster. Liam going back to Wolverhampton. Zayn to Bradford. Niall at Mullingar. And as for Harry and me, I get to meet his family in Holmes Chapel. Kenzie was going to see her cousins in New York. Isn't the holidays amazing? I can't wait!


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