With you at last

Gracie is 18 years old and a quite shy girl. She moved from London all the way to Florida because her mom got a new job. She missed all her friends and family but mostly one person. Her best friend, Harry Styles. She hasn't seen him for about 7 years and doesn't know he is in a famous boy band called One Direction. After they run into each other at the mall, does Harry have sudden feeling for her?

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6. Surprise

 Harry's P.O.V

I remember when Gracie left to America I went to the empty house she left. I went in her room and saw she had left her bed, night stand and dresser. The bed was cleared and the dresser was dusty. I looked on the night stand and saw something shine in my face. I went to see what it was and when I picked it up it was a silver half broken heart necklace that said Best written in cursive. I had the other half that said Friends.

She must have forgotten it because I remember her saying she takes it off every night so it doesn't break. I never took mine off, but she was always careful with things. I put it in my pocket so if I ever see her again, I could give it back. 

I told her that for the surprise we were going out to eat somewhere fancy. "Where?" She asked pulling her eyes brows together. "It's still a surprise" I said. She sighed and I laughed alittle. When I pulled up to the parking lot she started to laugh. I smiled and started laughing to because I knew she was laughing at the fact that we came to McDonald's. "This is my favorite 'fancy' place to come!" She said saying 'fancy' with a smile still laughing. We walked inside and ordered our food.

We sat down at the back corner so no one would recognize us. I put on the same beanie I bought from the store I met Gracie for the first time in 7 years. We had about two or 3 people come up and ask for pictures. They smiled at Gracie thinking we were dating. One gave her a disgusted look. I told Gracie some get very picky.

I decided to give Gracie the other surprise. "Close your eyes" I told her. "Why...? What are you gonna do to me?" She asked concerned. I laughed softly "Nothing. Just close your eyes" She did as I said and I stood up and went behind her and put the necklace on. She opened her eyes and looked down at the necklace. She dropped her mouth to the floor and almost cried. She got up and hugged me. "OMG Harry!! I thought I lost it forever! Thank you so much for bringing it back. I smiled "Your welcome love" I took out my necklace from under my shirt and she smiled and hugged me once more. 

All that mattered that I was with my best friend once again. And it felt good.


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