With you at last

Gracie is 18 years old and a quite shy girl. She moved from London all the way to Florida because her mom got a new job. She missed all her friends and family but mostly one person. Her best friend, Harry Styles. She hasn't seen him for about 7 years and doesn't know he is in a famous boy band called One Direction. After they run into each other at the mall, does Harry have sudden feeling for her?

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3. Is this reality?

Harry's P.O.V

Since I was in Florida for the tour I decided to do a little shopping. I went to a near by mall and looked around. I had my beanie and sunglasses on all the time so I wouldn't get seen. I walked in a store and went to the men area. They had some pretty nice stuff here. I came across a nice black and grey beanie. My other one was getting ripped so I thought I should get it now that I have the chance.I walked up to a cashier and got her attention since she was turned around. "Excuse me?" I said and she turned around. Wait.. is that Gracie? I would know that face from anywhere!

"Harry?!" She asked excited. Was that really her? Or just a fan? "Gracie?" I asked back hoping it was her. I saw run around the counter and tackled me. I would know these hugs from anywhere. I held on to her for about 5 minutes then she let go. "Oh my gosh Harry, I missed you so much!" She said going in for another hug almost crying of joy. I kissed the top of her head. She didn't mind cause I used to kiss her head all the time when she was crying. She looked up at me smiling. "Why are you here? How? When?" I laughed. "Woah, hold on! One at a time" I said still laughing. "Why are you in Florida?" Did she not know I was in a band? "How about we talk about it at your house?" I asked. She nodded. She went back behind the counter to check out. "Can I still get my hat?" I asked smiling. She laughed and scanned my hat. I gave her the money and she checked herself out. She said anxiously. "Well i'm here on tour with my band" I said waiting to see her reaction. Her face lit up 

We drove back to her house  in out own cars. When we arrived she got out and ran to my car. We walked to the front door together. She unlocked the door and stepped in. Her house was big! I sat down on the couch. She sat down next to me waiting for answers with a huge smile across her face. "soooo?" like a Christmas tree. "Your in a band?!" "Yea, it's called One Direction." She froze. "You mean your in that band?" "Yea, i'm surprised you didn't know" I said with a smirk. Her face went red. I told her everything and she kept smiling and saying 'wow' every now and then. Shes still the amazing Gracie I remember.

I got a text from my one of my mates, Louis, asking where I was. I looked at the time and it was already 9. I text him back saying I was on my way. I stood up telling Gracie I had to go. Her smile soon turned into a frown. She got up and hugged me tight. How I missed those. We exchanged numbers and saved her in my phone as Gracie :). I walked out the front door, got in my car, waved good bye and drove off.

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