With you at last

Gracie is 18 years old and a quite shy girl. She moved from London all the way to Florida because her mom got a new job. She missed all her friends and family but mostly one person. Her best friend, Harry Styles. She hasn't seen him for about 7 years and doesn't know he is in a famous boy band called One Direction. After they run into each other at the mall, does Harry have sudden feeling for her?

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** Hello Fellow Americans/British/Australian/African/Asian/ what ever you are ;3. So Its contest time! :D In so called "Chapter 7" I explained how it works so I will give you my e-mail and you send me all of things I listed. 3 lucky winners will get the boy of their dreams. BUT!!!!~ ~ ~ ~ BUT If all vote for the same person (which I hope doesn't happen) here's something I'm adding. Tell me your 2 favorite boys. Remember Harry is taken. ;) Ok so let the contest begin!! :) Good luck to everyone who wants there part <3 

EMAIL----> Julia92000@yahoo.com, Julia92000@yahoo.com, Julia92000@yahoo.com HURRY CONTEST ENDS SUNDAY 11/18/12 @ MIDNIGHT!! CHEERIO 


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