With you at last

Gracie is 18 years old and a quite shy girl. She moved from London all the way to Florida because her mom got a new job. She missed all her friends and family but mostly one person. Her best friend, Harry Styles. She hasn't seen him for about 7 years and doesn't know he is in a famous boy band called One Direction. After they run into each other at the mall, does Harry have sudden feeling for her?

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11. Bad news

  Gracie's P.O.V

I still can't believe Harry did that. Maybe one of the worst pranks he has ever done. I went upstairs to change and I came back with Harry laughing. "Shut up Styles" I told him trying to hide a smile. "I'm gonna get you back" I said poking him in the stomach. "Yea, okay. You can't get me! I AM HARRY STYLES!!" And he started jumping on the couch. I pushed him off and he fell on his arm and started crying. I ran to him and looked at his arm.

"Oh my gosh Harry are you ok?! I didn't mean to hurt you!" I started to cry a little and then I saw Harry look at me and smile. I slapped his arm making sure it would hurt this time, and sat back down on the couch. "Your so mean" I told him. He replied with a thank you and went to make us some food.

When he came back he turned to telly on to MTV. Toddlers & Tiaras was on. OMG I LOVED THIS SHOW! If was soooo funny. Harry face was priceless when he was watching it. I explained what it is and not long later he would laugh at some parts. It was good to be around Harry.

When it went to commercial Harry took the remote and put the telly on mute. I looked at Harry confused. "Gracie, I have to tell you something" He looked down "What is it Harry?" I sat up and my heart started racing. "Well, while I met you at the mall, I was on tour and still am. And since I still am, I have to leave to New York in 2 days. I have a show tomorrow so i'm busy which means this is the last day i'm here with you"

He looked at me and I started to form tears in my eyes. How could I be with Harry again and then he leaves? This was bad news..

Harry's P.O.V

  I looked at Gracie and she started to cry. I couldn't see her cry. It hurt me to much. "Please don't cry Gracie" I had to do it. Come on Harry, it isn't that hard! "Gracie?" She looked up and I whiped her tear away. "Umm... I was wondering if.. oh screw it. Gracie Amber Locke, will you be my girlfriend?" At this point my heart was beating so fast, I thought it would explode. Her face lit up. "Harry I.. I" "I knew your were gonna say no. I hope it doesn't ruin our friendship." "Harry.. YES!" He gave me a hug and didn't let go for a good 3 minutes.

I was so happy. Bad news, turned into the best ever.

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