A red headed freak and a brown headed crazy one

Two best-friends. Maria and Ashley. Maria has red hair and green eyes with a touch of brown. She is a bit freaky and loves to have fun ! While Ashley has brown hair with brown eyes . She is reserved but when you know her and she does crazy stuff... That means you are a true friend to her. Maria likes to read and Ashley likes to party.. That means that Maria is the like calm-fun-freak and Ashley is the totaly opposite : crazy-reserved-party one. They go on a trip to Barbados for Maria's 18th birthday. Ashley's birthday is two months later.. So they are staying in an appartement in Barbados for 2 years. When the girls arrived at the destination, Something will change Maria's life forever. Ashley dosen't know about it and meets One Direction at a beach party.


1. The trip

Maria's P.O.V

My phone starts his alarm that i put on each night before i go to bed. Well this one was different. This alarm was the alarm that someone would have in a lifetime. This alarm was special to me. My mother's voice woke me up. I got up and taked a shower. After that, i put on a t-shirt with SpongeBob on it with black jeans. Well i'm kinda a big SpongeBob fan. I called Ashley that woked her up. ''Hey Ash,'' i said. ''Hey Maria''. Said Ashley with a sleepy voice. ''I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE TRIP TOMORROW!!!!!'' i said with excitement. ''oh yeah, it's tomorrow that whe are going to Barbados right ?'' ''of course Ashley-poo'' ''DON'T CALL ME THAT'' ''ok so you can come sleep to my appartment tonight beacuse the flight is tomorrow at 4 am.'' ''sure i'll be there in about two hours ok ?'' ''sure cya later'' i said and hanged up my blackberry torch.

-we pass the flight and the girls are in Barbados-

it was a big big house, kinda like a castle. All thai was in it was expenssive.

Ashley's P.O.V
 The house was incredible. It was just so like my style. This is a vacation i will never forget and i have the felling of it. We were hungry so we went to do groceries. in the grocerie shop Maria was talking to a boy like that was 22 years old... What the hell ?

Maria's P.O.V

This boy was kinda nice. He helped me find the apples and the meat. His name was Kyle and he was 20 years old. we exchanged numbers so we could see each other again beacuse i wanted and him too. Kyle had beautiful blond hair with brown eyes. He worked out and i know it. YAY! In two days was my birthday and i wad so excited to have 18 years old! Well i don't like to go in night clubs , this is Ashley's thing. Ashley is like so more pretty then me. In high school, she was the most popular girl in school and dated the most popular boy David. She has everithing that i want but i'm not jealous beacuse she is my best friend.

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