If Happy Ever After Does Exist

''ok so lets recap this in a way you'll understand, was on my way to a ok i was at a concert when i saw this super cute guy he had the prettiest eyes and the best smile ever,''
''ok which guy was it,''
'' i don't know i couldn't see his face but its kind of like Cinderella i lost my necklace and he told me in 4 years and after that i thought what does he mean until know,''
''a million other girls have that necklace Ann,''
''but they only he knows what song it was when he whispered into my ears,''


7. The Bitchy Parent

~Harry's P.O.V~

its been a week since Valentina Arrived and wow I've fallen in love with this girl shes beautiful and funny and really exciting 

''Hey,Valentina um . do you wanna go out this Saturday night i mean if you wanna go see a movie or something because i guess that be-,''

''yes Harry of course ill go on a date with you,'' she said i was so happy about this it was gonna be amazing my first real date

~Valentina's P.O.V~

I really liked Harry from the begging but i was a little scared i never dated a guy i first met because he only liked me for my looks but i was gonna give harry a try Bell and Lydia kept telling re to ask him out but i would never do that i'd be to scared they told me he was really nice

''Hey Vally come here real quick,'' i heard Annabell call my name

''i gotta go be right back,'' i told harry


'' i heard you have a date tonight,'' she teased

''yea i heard too like 30 seconds ago,'' i laughed

'anyway, you have to help me With something Im going on a date with Niall to met his parents what should i wear,''

''the parents,'' i asked

''that a hard one how 'bout this,'' i said giving her a white pin shirt and a floral sheer shirt with ruffled sleeves

''this is perfect thanks so much i love it,'' she said giving me a hug

~ Annabell P.O.V~ (At Nialls Parents House)~

''Annabell, we've heard so much about you,'' Nialls mom said ''do you have any future  careers?''

''Well,not yet,'' I answered

''but your 18 you should be working you shouldn't be depending on my Nialls money he works to earn that ya know,''

''Um..exuse  me,'' I say she was so rude

''well you cant depend on my Niall your whole life can you, oh my little Niall could of done so much better then you,'' right then I was so upset I was gonna have to get threw it though I mean I cant avoid her forever I wish I could but I cant 

''I still don't know what Im going to do yet because I still have so much more future left head of me,'' know I was just blabbing trying to avoid her stupid comments

''I have a job,''

''a job isn't gonna get you threw collage or marriage or life you need a career,''

''Like I said before Im still going threw life and i don't wanna start my career just yet,''

''Look deary is that Niall doesn't want to get married to an ugly little lady like you unless you're useful,''

''Excuse my,'' i say trying to hold back the tears

''Anna,'' I hear Nialls say i just ignore him and run outside into the parking lot 

(Im 99.9% sure Nialls mom isn't bitchy like the one in this book but remember its not real)

''Anna,'' I hear Niall calling my name I turn to look when I see a car after that pain is all all I feel like someone stab me in the face and then My eyes feel so heavy but I had to keep them open just so much pai....

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