If Happy Ever After Does Exist

''ok so lets recap this in a way you'll understand, was on my way to a ok i was at a concert when i saw this super cute guy he had the prettiest eyes and the best smile ever,''
''ok which guy was it,''
'' i don't know i couldn't see his face but its kind of like Cinderella i lost my necklace and he told me in 4 years and after that i thought what does he mean until know,''
''a million other girls have that necklace Ann,''
''but they only he knows what song it was when he whispered into my ears,''


3. Life Goes Fast When You Dont Know Where You Are

~1/2 a month  Later~

Nialls P.O.V

its been 1/2 a month 2 weeks 3 days 7 hours 58 minutes 23 seconds 24 seconds 25 seconds 26 second 2- well you get the point and I really like her and its only been 1/2 a month but I think I want her to be my girlfriend I might as well tell her I love her no I cant its to early

''Niall can you come here for a second,'' I heard liam yell

''yea mate whats up,''

''um...uh.. its Ann,' he stutterd to say it

''what is is is she ok,''i was really worried

''well no shes in a um..um..nevermind ill tell you whn we get to the staiton,'' he stutterd agian

''no tell me now i need to know if shes ok liam tell me,'' i was so scared what happend to my future princesses

''shes gone missing,'' im so sorry mate we dont know what happend she was with Lidia and then she went to the bathroom and after that she was gone nowhere to be found,'' my heart stopped for a second was he kidding no one kids like that noone lies like that it has to be true we have to find her and i will do what ever it takes and i mean whatver

''we have to get to the staion,'' liam intrupped my thoughts

~2 days later~

Annabells P.O.V

i woke up not knoeing where i was who i was or what was happening 

''Hi Im katie and you probablydont remember me at all but you shoulnt im your friend ill help you and play with you and tell you all my secerts,''a girl with super long blond hair told me

''oh whats my name,' obviousely not knowing my name

''Annabell,''she said she sounded so sweet and inocent i think we could be freinds

Nialls P.O.V

its been two days and Lidia hasnt come out of her room Louis tried to get her out but she was convinced it was her falt and that she shouldnt of went without her

''Niall,'' Louis looked up at me in tears all of the boys were in tears we needed to find her ''i think you should go talk to to Lidia you and her are both in the same situation,'' he said i got up and walked into her room

''Lidia,'' i called her name from the room no answer

"Lidia I love her so much and shes gone but we will find her no matter how long it takes we willl find her,''

''Niall you dont understand its my fault that shes gone if we didnt go shopping then we woulnt be in this senirioe know would we,'' she cryed

~2 hours later~

Ann's P.O.V

''goodnight Katie,'' i yelled as i got into bed

''night,'' she said

~Ann's Dream~

Annabell,Annabell,'' a oy with blond hair and an irish acccent yelled ''were are you,'' he yelled agian this timew louder

''I love you Annabell can you hear me I love you,''he yelled

''Wake up,'' i heard and i woke up

~Not Ann's Dream~

''what time is it,'' i asked Katie as i got out of bed

''6:00 we need to go shopping but first we gonna dye our hair to black with goldned hightlights,'' she said holding up hair dye,''

''ok but ive never dyed my hair before,'' i said

''its cool ill help,'' she offerd

~3Years later~

Nialls P.O.V

the police are still searching and we even have a whole gruop full of people helping including Danille Perrie and alot off fans we even moved to America to find her we were looking in Virginia right know and we were have already gotten threw all of Europe

''hurry up guys were gonna miss the bus,'' to get everyones mind of of Annabell we decided to go to Virgina Beach

''Ann were ever you are i love you,'' i said looking up at the sky

Anns P.O.V

I still have dreams about that boy but i havent told Katie about it

''Ready to go to the beach,'' asked Kaite

"VA Beach here I come,'' we yelled we sat in the car. I kept thinking about him that boy

'' I love you Annabell,'' ''Annabell its me niall,'' ''were are you Annabell can you here me,'' it kept repeating itself in my mind

''were here,'' Katie yelled as she got ot of  the car and put her sunglasses on

''yay,'' i yelled and did the same as her then somethng coaght my eye a boy he looked just like the one from my dreams having the same dream over and over again for 2 stright years wow thats like just wow

Nialls P.O.V

''Um.. exuse me but are you Niall Horan,'' A girl asked tapping my shoulder ugh.. another fan

''cani have your autograph,'' she asked and I did and iI took a picture wu=ith her

''thank you much i love you,'' she said as she ran off into another store

''Niall i remember only you,'' a girl from 2 Feet away said it was Annabell i was so happy but she loked differnt she dies her hair and got tanner

''Annabell is that god, i missed you so much were ahev you been all these years,'' i asked hugging her

''I love you too Niall,'' she said

''what,'' i asked obviosly in shock

''Niall Horan I love you with all my heart and more,'' she repeated

''Will you be my girlfriend'' i asked

"Yes I would be honerd,'' she said no suprise

''we have to tell everyonre and call the police and we have to call up the search,'' i got out my phone and dialled the number of the boys and the group search

''hello hey mate im at the sunglasses hut i Found Annabell well she found me but still call up every one,'' i yelled over the phone

~Two Weeks Later~

later on we went home that ktie girl was arrested for kidnapping for life and everything went back to mormal

*** read my other book called Two Is Not An Option I started It agian tell me what you guys Want to happen give me ideas please thamks


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