If Happy Ever After Does Exist

''ok so lets recap this in a way you'll understand, was on my way to a ok i was at a concert when i saw this super cute guy he had the prettiest eyes and the best smile ever,''
''ok which guy was it,''
'' i don't know i couldn't see his face but its kind of like Cinderella i lost my necklace and he told me in 4 years and after that i thought what does he mean until know,''
''a million other girls have that necklace Ann,''
''but they only he knows what song it was when he whispered into my ears,''


8. Hi Im.....Who Am I?

~Annabells P.O.V~

''baby girl,'' i hear my mother say

''yes mom,'' i respond i've finally found my mom

''You have to go,'' she said pulling me into a hug

''but i wanna be here with you,'' i say

''he needs you more then i need you they need you Annabell,'' i shivered when i heard my mother call me that i guess i wasn't use to my mother calling me that 

''but what about you,'' i ask

''listen,'' she said pulling me out of the hug ''do you hear that bird,'' she asked

''yea do you,''

''no i can't the birds cheeps are coming from your open window were the boys are all crying, its to late for me to hear the sounds of where my body is,'' she says''go please for me when the time is right i swear ill pick you up,''

''i love you mom,'' i say as i see a bright light

''i love you too go run to the light,'' i do exactly  as she saws then i wake up to see these guys on the opposite side of the room as me

''Anna,'' i hear a girl say they all look up at me was my name anna? were they crying for me?

''um..hi,'' i say out of confusion

~Nialls P.O.V

''um...hi,''thats all she says after being in a coma for 2 days

''I'll go get the doctor,'' i say i was so upset at her what f she was faking all of this to get attention she didn't even look at me and smile or say anything she looked at Zayn wait!?! Zayn what if she didn't love me anymore what if she wanted Zayn what if they were secretly dating behind my back

''um.. excuse me are you Annabell Smiles doctor,'' i ask approaching the doctor

''yea is she awake?'' i nodded and followed him into the room giving Zayn a death glare

''i'm going to have to ask you to leave for a minute is that alright,'' the doctor says

''fine by me,'' I was the first to walk followed by Zayn

''Dude, What's your problem,'' Zayn grabbed my shoulder pushing me back

''what's my problem? what's your problem my girlfriend wakes up for being in a coma for 2 days and after A month i find out you two have a thing,'' i say punching him back to the wall 

''Niall calm down,'' lilo (liam and Lou i thought it was cute) say grabbing me back

''She smiled at you she looked at you she Loved you and you only accepted it,'' i yell with tears in his eyes

''I'm sorry but she has amnesia,'' the doctor says right then i look at zayn then break down

''she can go home you can try jogging her memory by looking at old photos or videos or something,'' he walks away

''the person i love doesnt know me she doesn't love me guys,'' i sobb

''lets go see her Niall maybe she'll remember,''' liam say

''zayn i'm so sorry i just thought that you and-,''

''its cool i would probably think the same thing buddy,'' zayn said patting my back i'm so happy i have friends o thought

''Annabell do you remember me,'' i asked her

~Annabells P.O.V~

''Annabell do you remember me,'' said Zayn

''yea,'' i say

''really, oh thank god anna i love you,'' those word stayed there for a while my boyfriend bestie loved me

''im sorry but i dont love you i have a boyfriend,'' i say i saw the expression on his face turn from happy to sad and angry

''who?!?,'' Niall said

''i love Niall,'' i say looking at him and smiling

''Ann your confused,'' said harry

''im Harry,''said Liam

''im Liam'' said Lou

''im Zayn,'' said Niall

''im Lou,'' said Harry 

''and im Niall,'' said Zayn

''oh, i wanna go home,'' i say

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