If Happy Ever After Does Exist

''ok so lets recap this in a way you'll understand, was on my way to a ok i was at a concert when i saw this super cute guy he had the prettiest eyes and the best smile ever,''
''ok which guy was it,''
'' i don't know i couldn't see his face but its kind of like Cinderella i lost my necklace and he told me in 4 years and after that i thought what does he mean until know,''
''a million other girls have that necklace Ann,''
''but they only he knows what song it was when he whispered into my ears,''


2. Backstage

Niall's P.O.V 

wow four years can do so much to a girl i mean when i said four years i meant i was moving and i was gonna be 19 but wow *happy late birthday* shes so much more beautiful i knew that girl wasn't her but why didn't she say something i mean everyone but her said something does she not like me? did she only come to meet the boys? what if she doesn't like me and she likes one of the other boys? all of these questions were running through my mind but i had no answer not to even one 

Zayn P.O.V 

''great just great,'' I said to myself in my dressing room

''Niall has fallen in love with a beautiful girl and Harry of course had to flirt and me my hair is messed up and my face looks fat,'' i thought sure I'm ''obsessed'' as some might say about my looks but I gotta take care of myself don't I

Harry P.O.V

''Harry! stop it,'' Niall kept yelling at me don't blame me I'm known as the flirt of the band and niall is just gonna have to get over it 

''So after we meet what did you really mean by four years,'' Ann asked niall zayn came out of his dressing room and looked at niall funny well i think all of did

Ann's P.O.V

''Hey Zayn this is Annabel,'' Niall said to Zayn

''Call me Ann,'' I said shaking Zayn's hand i hated my name it reminded me of my horrible parents it was my moms name my dads named me after her and then my dad abused me and my sister after my mom had passed away then after my sister ran away i was left with my  dad and my step mom. she left my dad and she took me i thought she would protect me and she did. after she got married her and her husband abandoned me and came back 2 years later then i ran away from them hoping to find a place to live i was still in school and i had none but Isabella she let me move in 2 years ago and we have gotten here since  then 

''but Annabel is so much prettier,'' Niall whined i didn't want to tell him why i didn't like Annabel at least not yet

''but i like Ann,'' i playfully cried

''ill call you Bella or Anna or Annabelle,'' Lou said

''he likes to make his own nicknames,'' laughed harry



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