If Happy Ever After Does Exist

''ok so lets recap this in a way you'll understand, was on my way to a ok i was at a concert when i saw this super cute guy he had the prettiest eyes and the best smile ever,''
''ok which guy was it,''
'' i don't know i couldn't see his face but its kind of like Cinderella i lost my necklace and he told me in 4 years and after that i thought what does he mean until know,''
''a million other girls have that necklace Ann,''
''but they only he knows what song it was when he whispered into my ears,''


4. 8 beds 5 Boys and your bestie

Nialls P.O.V 

''Niall,'' i heard Annabell yell my name in terror so i panicked and ran to her room and she wasn't there

''Annabell were are you?" i yelled her name 

''Niall,'' i heard her call my name from outside

''Annabell,'' i saw her

''help me,'' she was trying break free from the boys that were tickling her i was so relived

''hey Zayn i think you're hair is messed up Lou your suspenders are on fire with your carrots harry you're hair looks like its been straightness and Liam there are no forks go buy some,'' I said as they all ran inside and Anna was laughing her bum of

''oh god Niall, i didn't think that would work,'' she was trying to catch her breath 

''Annabell,'' i looked into her gorges deep gray eyes

Annabel's P.O.V

''i love you,'' he looked into my eyes ad i looked into his crystal blue eyes good they were perfect he was perfect

''I love you too,'' i said as i kissed him and he kissed back

''Ewww Niall Annybelly please there are rooms int this house go get that,''Lou yelled to us

''Annybelly,'' i asked 

''yes that's my nickname for you,'' he said all prod inside

''well I'm of to bed wanna come,'' i offered 

''i do,'' Harry shout his head out from the window on the second floor

''Me two,'' Lou laughed

''ill be right back,'' i yelled as I ran inside i called Lydia and told her the plan she came in less them 10 minutes then we went to every guest room and too the mattresses then put them all together there were probably 8 mattresses

''boys,'' me and Lydia called

''yes,'' they all ran into the room we were in

''well what do we have her,'' Lou said in his fake american accent

''our bed for tonight go get your blankets,'' Lydia called winking at harry

''ill be back,'' he said in his 'sexy' accent they all came back and started to tackle each other while me and Lydia just stood there watching them be idiots that they are 

''are you done,'' i yelled they all stopped and sat up

''sorry,'' they all said at the same time with there puppy dog face 

''its okay i cant stay mad at you,'' i laughed and sat on Nialls lap

''lets go to bed,'' i said taping his perfect nose 

*** im sorry i just have no time to write but i love you guys and thanks for reading 

got any ideas because i don't i have writers block :( help me 

your truely 



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