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8. Where's the fire?

When we got back to the hotel the whole band, including Harry, had a photo shoot to go do. I was invited along, but said I was going to stay and shower and eat instead. The band went and got their things and on their way out the door I blew Harry a kiss and he pretended to catch it and put it in his pocket. I opened the fridge smiling knowing he would want to cash that kiss in for later. I stood up and hit my head on the inside of the fridge. Ow! Fucking bitch-hole. I said and then immediately covered my mouth with my hand knowing how much Harry hated it when people cussed. I sighed and thought how that might be a hard habbit to ditch. There was a knock at the door. I went to answer it.
Aubrey! I yelled. My big sister stood outside the room. She ran and hugged me to death almost knocking me over and crushing my broken ribs.
Oops oops sorry sorry! She said realizing I needed her to let me go. So where is he? She asked looking around with a smile my way. I blushed whilst looking down. Photoshoot. I said. Oooo, fancy. She chuckled. We talked for an hour, what happened to me, well almost everything. What happened to her. Probably everything.
When we finished our stories we jus sat there hugging each other, significantly more gentle on her part though. For another 30 minutes we sat there like this. Then she had to go check into her hotel, not here since one room was as big as our apartment and we could barely afford that. We said good bye and promised to see one another tomorrow. I went into Harry's room and layer down on the bed. I decided to change and decided that Harry wouldn't mind if I borrowed his shirt. I went back to the bed and not meaning to fall asleep but did. When I awoke, Harry was kissing me. When he pulled away our foreheads were still touching. His hands ran up the shirt and he said nice shirt, whilst kissed my neck. I laughed as our lips met again.
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