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4. What'd you call me?!

Harry carried me in through the door. We were both laughing because after we had gone to the park we went to the movies. But the movie had such bad acting that we couldn't even take it seriously. Harry put me down. Lalaine, you are beautiful you know that? Harry asked looking down at me, his curls hanging down by his eyes. And for once in my life, I believed that I was pretty. I kissed him on the cheek. Flattery will get you no where sir. I said.
He laughed. I don't play baseball, but I'd say that I'm almost to first base. He said licking his bottom lip. I smacked his arm and he laughed harder.
He picked me up again and set me on the couch and then sat beside me and put my casted leg on his lap. So when do I get a kiss from the pretty girl sitting across from me anyways?
I giggled and blew him a kiss and he pretended to catch it. Then he looked down at his hand and held it out to me. I gave him a confused look.
I don't want to take anything else away from you lalaine. He looked sad almost.
My stomach twisted. I gulped and my mouth went dry. And I couldn't stop the tears from filling my eyes, or stop them from overflowing.
Harry pulled me close while I cried. I poured out everything I had been feeling and thinking, and Harry would jus say calming things like: I know love, I'm here don't worry, or jus rub my back and kiss my temples.
When I stopped crying I was exhausted. And I leaned away from Harry a little, feeling embarrassed. I wiped my eyes and looked at the floor. I hate when you do that, he said. That made me look back at him. He was very serious now. I don't like when girls feel insecure for thinking they're not good enough or pretty enough. You're perfect lalaine. He leaned in and kissed me on the top of my nose. I looked at him for a minute and then leaned in a little. He leaned a little closer and tilted his head. And when there was barely even room to breathe he asked are you sure? And I closed my eyes and closed the gap between us.
When we pulled away finally he had the biggest grin on his face that I would never find in any picture of him.
He bit his lip and looked at me through his lashes, you are too fit for your own good he said.
What did you call me? I asked.
He chuckled and kissed me. Don't worry about it babe. You'll hear that a lot more from now on.
I smiled at him, Harry was definitely a special person I decided.
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