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3. Sup baby wutchu doin tonight?

I stood there like an idiot for about a minute before zayn cleared his throat and smiled saying, umm hullo miss we're here to take you back with us if that's quite alright with you? I hobbleded over to them on my crutches please and thank you I said sweetly. I sat between zayn and Liam all the way to the hotel. They explained how upset they all were after they saw mine and Carly's story on the news and decided that they all had to make it up to us. But since it was only me, I didn't feel quite in the mood for being around people. When we arrived at the place they were staying daddy direction helped me the whole way there. I hadnt walked in a couple days and the crutches were difficult too. Finally we made it to their room. I was so nervous I was afraid they might be able to hear my heart beating it was so loud. Here we go, Liam said as he pushed the door open. Inside Louis had on only a low slung pair of jeans, faint. Niall had on swim trunks and a towel over his shoulder. And Harry was dressed in black shorts with a aviators tucked into his red v-neck, faint again. Each of them smiled at me and said their greetings and when I stumbled they would all rush toward me at once with concern. I was blushing madly when I finally got to a chair. They all sat on the couch opposite me. So how do you feel? Niall asked. I'm doing okay thanks. I nodded my head. Well that's good news. He said back.
Zayn and Liam excused themselves to go do some last minute errands. Harry and Louis walked into the other room where it sounded as though they were talking.
Niall laughed and shook his head.
I gave him a puzzled expression, what is it?
Oh nothing. He said. I'm just wondering when you're going to notice that Harry's quite smitten with you.
I balked, wait what do you mean? I just met him.
Niall shrugged his shoulders, it only takes an instant to know if you want a girl to be your bird. (this is British slang for girlfriend for those of you who don't know.)
Well I wish him good luck, I saluted to Harry's back.
Niall laughed just as Harry came back into the room. And what might we talking about hmm? He asked.
Niall stood, oh nothing out of the ordinary, you know, food. But I best go with Louis to that thing we have... Yeah. So I'll see you both at dinner then.
Harry got up to shut the door behind them. He turned back to face me and I quickly looked down. I couldn't believe that Harry freaking styles would even be mildly interested in a plain girl like me.
So babe, tell me, do you know anything about phones?
Phones? I asked.
Yea, mine is broken. Maybe you could help me fix it?
I can try, what's wrong with it? I looked at the phone in his hand.
Your numbers not in it, he said with a wink.
I turned red. Oh. Was all I could manage.
I typed my number quickly into the phone he handed to me.
He sat on the arm of my chair. You got a new text. He said. And sure enough my phone showed a text message.
I smiled and picked it up. It was from an unknown number. Sup baby, wutchu doin tonight?(; - Harry. Is what it said.
I felt Harry's breathe on my neck. So what's my answer? He asked.
I turned to face him. He was a lot closer than I thought so I pulled away to put some distance. Whatever you want me to do. I said. He smiled and held out his hand for me to take it.
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