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7. So I messed up, now your my girlfriend.

Harry asked me what I just said, but that's funny, because I don't remember saying anything. Now I heard him taking again. Was he talking to me? Now I was outside. I opened my eyes slightly, my eyelids were so heavy. I could see lights and people looking at me. I couldn't feel my body, I felt numb. And tired, I just wanted the lights and noise to go away so I could sleep. And as soon as the thought formed in my head, I was out.
I woke up in a hospital room. De ja vu. I looked over at Harry sleeping in a chair next to my bed. Definitely don't remember him the first time. From my bed I looked out the little window in my door and could see Niall zayn Liam and Louis in a row of chairs out in the hallway. My eyes drifted back to Harry and I saw that he was no longer asleep but looking at me. Can you be here every time I wake up? I kinda like it. I smiled at him. But he didn't smile back, he just took my hand. I raised an eyebrow at him. You're not going to want to see me after I tell you what I'm about to tell you.
His thumb was tracing little circles on the back of my hand and i tried to remember what had happened to get me back here. But I couldn't remember anything past Harry taking me to his room to lie down.
He started speaking, earlier, when I gave you your pain medication, I messed up. I gave you niall's prescription for strep throat he got about a week ago. And the doctor explained that when you took that it didnt mix well with the mess you already had in your system, obviously it made you sick. If the doctors hadn't of pumped your stomach you couldve had damage to your organs... Or worse...
I processed what he said. I looked into his green eyes and saw guilt and shame. Harry, I said, i forgive you. I still want to see you every time I wake up in the morning. I smiled at him and he kissed my cheek. You forgive me for almost killing you, but you weren't going to forgive me for leaning on your broken ribs. I shrugged. And then the rest of the boys came in and one by one they gave me bear hugs and glad you're okays. We all talked for a few minutes and then they left to go call for someone to fetch us and wait for our ride while Harry helped me get ready to leave. A nurse came in with instructions for no more pain meds, ouch! And as she turned to leave, she turned back to look at Harry saying, you're very lucky to have such a beautiful and forgiving girlfriend young man hold on to her. She smiled and left the room.
I looked up at Harry. Girlfriend? I asked.
He was smiling, I might have told them you're my bird. If you want I could not do that anymore...
I laughed, oh no no I actually like it a lot. I said. And he kissed the top of my head whilst opening the door for me.
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