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1. One direction, here I come!

"find a girl and tell her she's the one! I wanna stay up all night!"
I smiled and opened my eyes as I reached for the volume on my clock radio. I always wanted to start the morning off right with a 1D jam session. When I was dressed and ready I grabbed my bag and went out into the living room of my apartment. Living with your 20 year old older sister had its perks. And me being a junior in high school made it that much more fun. I looked up from my phone at the picture of my mom on the shelf over the tv. My dad had never been in the picture and since my mom took off on us two years ago, it had been just me and my sister.
My phone beeped and I looked down with an expression of hardly contained excitement. My new friend Carly had gotten tickets to see One Direction as a congratulatory gift from her dad for passing her driver's test. Yes! I whispered. I'd been saving up to see them live for almost seven months and now I could go see them and use the money to buy a new outfit. I jumped around the room doing a bunch of dorky dance moves.
Someone seems happy. My sister Aubrey walked in wearing her firefighters uniform, her calling as she called it. I didn't get to see her much since she lived at the station most days but whatever paid the bills I guess.
I really am. I said back. Carly got tickets to see One direction and I'm going with her.
Well how sweet of her. Aubrey looked at me for a moment. Lalaine!
What?! I said back wide eyed. Bye, she said with a smirk on her face.
I followed after her a few minutes later and started walking to Carly's.
When I got there we went straight back out to her car and started to drive to the hotel where we'd be staying the next couple of nights until the concert.
Carly's father was loaded. He was a lawyer for famous celebrities and his best client was lindsay lohan. We went into our seperate rooms that were as big as my apartment and opened the door to adjoin the rooms. Once we had gotten settled we sat in Carly's room while we painted our nails.
Do you think one of them will pick us out because of how beautiful we both are? She asked with total sincerity. Carly was gorgeous. Long wavy blond hair. Tall and as thin as a stick with a butt and boobs that make all girls jealous. And her face was a mix of Hilary duff and jojo. She was beautiful and she knew it too. Me on the other hand, I was short maybe 5"2' brown medium length hair flat as a board in the front and the back and have been told I resembled Miranda cosgrove.
They'll definitely pick you out for sure I said.
She looked up from her nails at me. And why not you?
Um hello! Look at me. Totally not pretty. I don't even wear makeup.
Carly pursed her lips. Maybe because you don't need any because you're pretty without it? And you're pretty!
I blushed. I still didn't believe her.
The next couple days we went shopping and to the spa. It was really nice considering I would never usually be able to afford it. But when the day finally arrived to go see one direction, we were out the door and in Carly's car faster than you could say Louis loves carrots.
We were in the car for about 30 minutes when. Carly decided to crank up the 1D tunes.
We were singingg along at the top of our lungs when a car behind us slammed into our car. We were jolted in our seats as wee spun into the opposite lane as another car broadsided us. Carly's car flipped over and then everything went dark.
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