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2. No one direction after all...or so I thought.

I opened my eyes and was staring at a white spackled ceiling. I carefully took inspection of my injuries. I had a big cast on my leg, what felt like broken ribs, stitches on my arm, and my head was wrapped. I looked at the bed next to me expecting to see Carly, but instead a stranger lay in her place. There was a knock at the door and a nurse followed by a doctor came in.
Hi hon, how are you feeling? You had quite the accident, had us worried for you.
Yes I feel as okay as I can I think. Where's my sister and Carly?
The nurse gave me a sympathetic glance from the corner of he eye.
The doctor spoke again, oh your sister it seems is out of state for work. And as for Carly, it seems her father came to see how you were.
Mr. Clarke walked in looking very worn down. Hello sweetie.
Hi. I said. How's Carly? Is she okay?
He looked down at his shoes and then up at the ceiling. Anywhere but at me.
The nurse and doctor quietly excuse themselves, and I got worried.
She's gone isn't she... I said almost inaudibly.
Mr. Clarke just nodded. He wished me well and said he would stay in touch. But I doubted that I'd ever see him again.
I layed in my hospital bed for the night and the nExt morning a nurse came in.
There are some news reporters wanting to talk to you about one direction out here, should I send them away?
I said that that might be best. And she closed the door again.
Later in the day when I was being checked out a nurse rolling me down the hall in a wheelchair told me they had called a cab to take me to a hotel until someone could come get me. I waited outside for the cab when the nurse came over to me. Change of plans, she announced, someone will be coming to pick you up after all.
Just then a town car rolled up to the curb in front of me and two hot British boys jumped out of the backseat. My jaw hit the floor. No freakin way!
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