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9. Let's talk about you and me lets talk about us baby...

I stood in the shower smiling. I usually sang in the shower, but being around a bunch of professional singers made it kind of intimidating. I turned off the water and stepped out. I could here Louis in the kitchen whistling. That meant elinor was here. Liam and Daniele were in the other room with Niall his girl and zayn and his. All the boys seemed to have girlfriends. And I was glad I could make Harry apart of that group too.
Harry's p.o.v
Harry walked into the kitchen for some milk. As he passed Louis he smacked him straight on the bum. Elinor laughed, forget I have to share Louis sometimes. She said.
Harry winked at Louis who blew him a kiss back. Then Louis went to coddle elinor to show he loved her too. Louis spoke, looks like I'll be sharing Harry now too though. They both turned to see Harry grab the milk and a glass and set it on the counter to pour. You're number two now buddy. Harry said. He grabbed his milk and walked back to his room.
I wish lalaine would hurry he thought to himself.
Lalaine's p.o.v
I walked out of the shower feeling refreshed. It had been pretty difficult with the cast on her leg but a miracle had happened and she had not slipped tripped or injured myself.
I walked out to Harry's room across the hall and saw him sitting on the bed. There was an empty glass by the bed, milk? I thought. I stopped by the bed and Harry opened his arms wide gesturing me to bring it in. I maneuvered myself onto the bed and he wrapped his arms around me.
You smell awesome. He said putting his face into my wet hair. I kissed his chin, thanks. I replied.
He sat back and looked at the ceiling and I mimicked him. It's almost 12. He said. I had to meet Aubrey at 12:30. I hurried my face into his shirt. I don't want to leave I said, tears forming in my eyes. He cleared his throat. I know babe, but i promise to come visit you every chance I get. And you're coming up to Cheshire next month too. I nodded. Aubrey was taking me back home today. It was an hour drive from here, and Harry went bAck to England in a couple of weeks.
It made me sad and happy at the same time. Long distance relationships could be hard. And I was worried Harry might find someone better than I was and decide to let me go. We sat that until 12:30 came around, and my sister came to get me. I knew this wasn't goodbye forever, but it was goodbye for a while. As I turned to get one last look at everyone score walking out the door, they all blew me a kiss. I smiled. I wish I could save that image forever I thought as the door closed behind me.
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