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11. Can Alice stay in wonderland?

I've the next few days, Harry and I went out sight seeing in London. It was so beautiful here, I loved it. Harry took me to some of his favorite spots in Cheshire as well. When we went out to the pool house thing in Harry's backyard it was very peaceful.
I'm glad you're having fun, love. Harry said. I'm having a blast! I said. Is this how you feel when you come to the states? I asked. Sort of. He replied. The first time especially. He added. I want to stay here forever. I mumbled. I want you stay here with me forever. Harry said laughing.
We sat there until Harry got a phone and decided to take it outside. I got up and walked around the small guest house is what I decided to call it. I stepped on a squeaky board in the floor. I jumped on it and the board actually came loose. I bent down to put it back when I saw something in it. I pulled out a notebook, I figured it was gemma's and skimmed through it. It had a different name on each page with a time stamp. But these were girls names. I flipped page after page after page, until a came across my name. It had the day we met on it, and an end date.......
But it was and infinity sign. I smiled and put it back when I heard Harry starting to hang up the phone. I put the board back and hurried back to where I had been sitting. When he came in I was smiling uncontroably. He looked at me suspiciously.
What are you up to? He said coming over to me.
Nothing. I said. Im staying right here, with you, forever.
We both smiled As our lips met. He pulled a chain out of his pocket and slipped it over my head. I looked down at the charm. It was an infinity Sign with
Harry + Lalaine= forever
Engraved into it. And I knew that I would never ever take it off.
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