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5. Are you in or are you out?

I woke up with Harry's arm draped over me and I smiled. His breathing ticked my ear and when I wiggled my toes I could feel his legs beside mine. I fell back asleep a few moments later. When I woke up again I couldn't t breathe, somehow Harry And I had moved so that he was now squishing my broken ribs. I tugged on his shirt, Harry! Wake up. He opened his eyes and threw himself of the couch when he realized he was smothering me. Sorry babe! Are you alright?
I took a deep breath, yes I'm fine.
Harry looked down at me with a face that said he didn't believe me. You sure love?
I grimaced. Umm-hmm. I said trying not to show that I was in pain.
He got up and walked into the other room. He came back a few seconds later shaking a pill bottle at me. I smiled and held out my hands as he shook one into them. I swallowed it with no water.
How'd you know the doctor prescribed me some? I asked.
I figured with broken ribs and all. He said taking my chin into his hand and leaning in to kiss me. When he pulled away I smiled and said, okay now you're forgiven. His eyebrows went up, you weren't going to? I laughed. So where'd the boys go? He laughed. Way to avoid the question. And they made themselves scarce at my request. He said with a wink.
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