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10. Alice in wonderland.

I was so excited I could hardly sit still. I hadn't seen Harry in almost a month! It felt so long. We had skyped, picture messaged, texted, called, emailed, everything. But it still made no comparison to actually seeing him. My legs were shaking. Yes, both of them, since I had gotten the cast off. Harry said he planned activities for us now that I had two legs to actually used. I smiled. As the plane landed my stomach flip flopped. Aubrey wished she could have come, but just couldn't leave work right now since she was going out of state again soon, sad face. But there would always be next time. I liked the idea of many times after this one. When I had gotten my luggage and everything I stood waiting. The terminal was quite crowded. And since my shortness didn't help I went to stand on a bench. I didn't see him yet but he was definitely here. I saw a mob of excited fans and paparazzi outside the glass walls of the airport. This was also going to be our first appearance out in public together as a couple. That made me really nervous. But once I saw Harry through the crowd it melted. I only had eyes for him, and enough room in my thoughts for him. He walked right over to where I was standing on my bench and grabbed me around the waist and spun me around. My legs went around his torso. And when we stopped twirling, he kissed me. It was a perfect moment. I breathed in his scent, and when i looked down at his face I saw him doing the same thing. When he put me down, he grabbed my hand and we made our way out the door. There were flashes from cameras and screams from fans, it was total chaos. By the time we got to the car it felt like a whole day had passed by. One thing to check off my list of worries. Now I just had to meet Harry's mom and sister. That's where most of my nervousness came from. Harry was still holding my hand, and I gladly squeezed it. We talked the whole ride back to his house. I told him about school and Aubrey and my new friend brenna. He told me about the band, I missed them a lot too. And about what he wanted to do while I was visiting.
When we finally got to his house I wasn't too nervous anymore, as long as I had Harry is was going to be alright. When I walked thought the door I saw a woman and a girl. They both resembled Harry in different ways but didn't look too similar.
Hullo darling! You must be lalaine. She said warmly. I'm anne, Harry's mother. Nice to meet you said shaking he hand. Hey, I'm Gemma. Harry's much better looking sister. She said with a flip of her hair. We both laughed, and Harry stuck his tongue out at her which got a flick in the ear from his mum. Harry went upstairs and showed me to my room. He went and sat ont the bad while I unpacked my suitcase. So how do ya like cheshire? He asked. I told him, it kind of reminds me of Alice in wonderland. He laughed, I hope that's a good thing. Because all Alice tried to do was get out of wonderland. I laughed, I just meant that its something out of my dreams. And the name too.
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