The Time I Will NEVER Forget

Sarrah gets an unexpected surprise from her lovely stepmom that makes her have enough. Although she can't stand it there she does it long enough until she has the chance to leave. No matter what the cost. Along the way she happens to meet some people that can either make or break this get away.


1. What had happened was …

Sarrahs POV:

     I can't take it here. I hate everyone's guts & I want to go live with my mom. My dad is an idiot who has never loved me but has always had everyone fooled that he does & the loevely wiffie can't stand my guts from the moment we met. I have never known why but that's always been this way. The only one who likes me is my mom, period. My little brother may like me but I highly doubt it. I hate the atmosphere at this hell house & I want to get away. Maybe someone will save me? Doubt it. This sucks. I thought that if my dad married this new chick -who I have never met before saying this- it would make my life better … false. It only made things worse. Joy! I love this hell hole even more now!!! How about kill me?!? Anywhere is better than here. And I mean ANYWHERE!!! My dads name is Rickiee but I'm forced to call him dad. My lovely stepmoms name is Jassie but I call her J. Everyone loves them to death & they wish they had MY life … but they wouldn't last just getting into the car with them, much less 1 day. And yes … it's that bad. You may not believe me but this is all true. Although people doubt me when I say my life is horrible … that doesn't mean I want attention. Nothing is a lie when it comes to my life. My family is full of people who put up some decent acts to think our lives are amazing. Too bad we haven't recieved any acting offers. I find it funny how in such a small town as mine no one notices the fact that people are miserable. But that, is another story. My full name is Sarrah Gemma Atkins. My name is weird. Thanks for noticing. The only people I really talk to are my best friend Scar Vena Avery, & my mom, Julia Gwen Atkins. Both of those females are amazing. They are my everything & I don't know what I would do without them. My parents divorced when my brother was five & I was nine. My brothers name is Harrold Stuart Atkins. He may not be the greatest brother at times but I'm his only care taker until we get to my moms house. Which isn't very often. My dad has custody of us so my mom has to pay him. This means she has to work at least 3 jobs just to pay him & have enought money for food to last us at least two weeks at a time. It's sad. She can barely get by for just herself much less three mouths to feed. So whenever we do come over we do the best we can to make her life easier. Or I try to at least. All my brother wants to do is sit on the computer or play the Wii all day. He absolutely HATES going outside or doing work or anything that envolves getting off his butt. My brother never really understands. Oh well. Then again in this world & society no one really understands anyone. As everyone says, "Sucks to suck doesn't it?"

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