The Time I Will NEVER Forget

Sarrah gets an unexpected surprise from her lovely stepmom that makes her have enough. Although she can't stand it there she does it long enough until she has the chance to leave. No matter what the cost. Along the way she happens to meet some people that can either make or break this get away.


3. The therapy

Scars POV:

     Poor Sarrah ... I know how bad she hates going there! It's sad that her family is too blind to notice anything about her. The poor girl can't do anything with out getting yelled at. She needs to get away from the chaos of that house. She is too sweet to stay in that place. I wish she could live with me like I've done with her. My parents love her, but if she is gone for more than a weekend her dad & step mom will flip out! Which I find extremely stupid because we go to the same school for the same amount of time & if she has an appointment later that day they can pull her out. It's not that hard to understand but for some people obviously don't see things wrong with people. She has nothing there to make her happy except for she's locked away in her room listening to one of our favorite bands One Direction. She is in love with them! Actually we both are! She knows more about them probably more than anyone! I don't even know as much as she does & I happen to know a lot about them. That girl is amazing! She can do things better than anyone else. Although for girls her height can do a lot that she can do ... she could do anything they can do at least 30 billion times better! For a girl who happens to be 5'5" and a half & totally beautiful, she can do a lot that would surprise you! Her long brown wavy hair could stop at the middle of her back at times. Her brown eyes get lighter as she gets into something like a story she is either reading or telling or playing some video game from Halo to Call Of Duty. She is beautiful period. Every guy wants her & she never sees it! She never sees her beauty either! It's insane how this woman works! One minute she is in her own little world not giving anyone two seconds of her time & then the next minute she is talking to everyone goofing off & joking around like there is nobody around to watch her! She is an insane one I'll give her that. I really have no room to talk though. "Oh Sarrah!!! Don't go to the stupid therapy!!! Stay here with me!!!" I shouted as soon as she got over to wait for her dad, "Scar, if I could I would, but I can't! Just kidnap me & say 'You'll see her in 6 years!' like you always say!!" Sarrah shouts to me before she sadly gets into her dads new car & drives away for their Friday routine. I think it's kind of a stupid routine & so does Sarrah but everyone else thinks it's the greatest idea ever created! Oh well, Sarrah will have to unfortunately have to face it by herself today. The poor girl!

Sarrah's P.O.V.:

             So right about now we just got to the therapy place. Someone save me? No? Okay ... guess I'll just have to suffer through this for another hour. At least next week I don't have to go!!! This is the stupidest thing ever existed. Once I sit down, I'm not even in the room for like 3 seconds before I'm told thirty thousand commands. "Turn off your phone Sarrah." "Put up your sketchpad, Sarrah." "Take your hood off, Sarrah." "Make eye contact when you're spoken to or to the person you're speaking to, Sarrah!" Blah blah blah blah blah! I swear they just love making me do EVERYTHING for them. It's better than getting yelled at for not doing it at least. Or it better be for what they make me do. The point I'm trying to reach is that my life has been formed for me since the age of two. Although this has happened, this doesn't mean I always agree with what is happening around me. Most of the time I can't stand half the things I'm forced to do ... like therapy with this psychopath that tells me how I'm supposed to feel or won't let me eat anything with out telling what emotions go along with what I'm eating. Like seriously? I eat because I will grow up to be a fat kid! Not because emotions describe the food I chose! I swear people are idiots. I'm just glad my "daddie dearest" is letting us quit. If it wasn't the fact that he was "letting" us quit ... I don't know how much more of this wonderful life I could stand. This therapist is "the best in the town" or that's what we've heard, which I believe is a lie, but does anyone listen to me? NO! Sometimes I wonder what life for other people would be like if I was never born. I don't even want to think about that. I would see too many happy faces in that world. Oh well. Therapy lasts about an hour and a half. The longest time period ever. I can't get anything to drink or go to the bathroom while I'm in there because I should've gone before I got into the room. Like we have time to breathe befor we go into that stupid room! If we have to get water or go to the bathroom while we're in there the therapist will figure out how many times we have gone out of the room for that & then decide if we can go, which most of the time it's a no. There is so many things messed up with that place.

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