The Time I Will NEVER Forget

Sarrah gets an unexpected surprise from her lovely stepmom that makes her have enough. Although she can't stand it there she does it long enough until she has the chance to leave. No matter what the cost. Along the way she happens to meet some people that can either make or break this get away.


2. School time .

People doubt me. It's has gotten out of hand.

*School Time*

               "SARRAH.!!!!!" shouted my best friend from across the school yard. My best friend happens to be a beautiful girl. She is 5'2" has beautiful, wild red hair that sits in crazy ringlets, & she also has beautiful icy blue crystal like eyes. Scar && I have been best friends since we were born. Literally. Our moms knew each other since they were five & they wanted us to be best friends too. We have been inseparable for forever. It's extremely obvious that we're best friends & always have each others back. "SCARRRRR.!!!!!!!!!" I can't help myself but make a fool of us after Christmas break. We do every year. Seeing how this is our last semester in high school, we have made a pact to act like an idiot every day for the last year. So far we have only gotten sent to the head masters office about 90 times this year. The head master totally understands though. We run & hug each other like one of moved away & is just now visiting. "I missed you so much!" "Although you saw me literally all Christmas break, Scar!" Our mothers always insist on taking some outrageous trip to some other country every Christmas. "Love, it doesn't matter if I saw you all Christmas or for half a second! You're amazing & I missed you for that half a day you weren't around!" "Scar, you're such a drama queen." I said. She is the only person who knows what it's like in my life. She has been around me & my family so much she has taken as much crap with my family as I have. She hates it there as much as I do but she stays there with me because she doesn't want me to suffer alone. She knows what happens & sticks up for me when the bullying & rumors started. She is my rock. "HERRRRRROOOOO?!?! Sarrah!!!! Wakie Wakie!!!!" Scar tried to shake me to move before the mad crowd rushing to get to first period formed. "Scar!! Don't leave me for the crowd!" Scar grabbed me by the back of my knee & picked me up in the marriage hold & decided to carry me to first period. Scar was her actual name people always asked me if it was short for Scarlett or something like that but when I tell them it's not, they decide to insist that she is a guy with some deformation about "him". Scar never lets anything effect her & I applaud her for that. Nothing seems to phase her. Her solution to the bullying is to write down what people say about her & to burn it in a candle. It makes her feel better. I love her because the teachers let her in class if she gets hurt or scared. The teachers are pretty "legit" here for us. Only to us though. It's insane for what happens that we get away with. As school went on, I started to dread the afternoon. Only Scar knew why also. This was the wonderful part of the week when not only did I have to go to therapy but I had to pretend, not for the first time this week, that my world was amazing & my life was the greatest ever since the "amazing" wiffie had shown up. This. Is. Fan. Freakin'. Tastic. Kill me now yeah? People think when I tell my story, that I just want attention. Please! If I wanted attention, I would make up some outrageous story about how "I'm so skinny because my family doesn't feed me" when I'm as fat as a pig! I think it's bad when your family puts on an act even around other family members like cousins or something. So when you try to confess something your cousin thinks you're lying & just want attention. How amazing right.? I'm just glad it's Friday but I don't want this afternoon to come. Before people judge me when they hear I'm going to therapy I have to insist that it's for family reasons & nothing else. People think I'm some suicidal freak because of the therapy part. They don't even believe me when I try to tell my story. So why bother to tell them where I'm going you ask? I tell them because they ask. I'm one of those people where if you're asked a question, you answer as honestly as possible, no matter how much the truth may hurt them. That's why there is this funny saying about how truth hurts.

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