The Time I Will NEVER Forget

Sarrah gets an unexpected surprise from her lovely stepmom that makes her have enough. Although she can't stand it there she does it long enough until she has the chance to leave. No matter what the cost. Along the way she happens to meet some people that can either make or break this get away.


4. Afterwards the therapy

              Although therapy sucks, we get ice cream before it, which tastes pretty good until I get there. Sometimes when I’m there I just want to throw all of it back up. Sometimes when my earbuds are in from the car, so I don’t have to hear them screaming at me, I’m still forded to take them out & sit through 1 ½ hours in there. -_- Not okay. Anyway, I sit there, sitting on my sketchpad so I don’t have to give it up, my earbuds & phone in my pocket so I don’t have to give those up. The therapist is a stuck up snob who treats everyone there better than me. It’s just not fair! Nothing ever is anymore. My life is screwed up. All I do is sit in my room, listen to One Direction & Sleeping With Sirens, & draw. That's it. Very rarely do I do anything but that. Everything suffers because I'm a horrible person. I really don't care anymore. I'm horrible, terrible, rude, the whole nine yards. Whatever you can think of to call me, I'm it. People these days. I check twitter after therapy when I get home. When I log on I see this, "@iCreateMakeBelieve: @SarrahNeedsMusic_Art sorry I couldn't get these to you at school today . I was trying to find you afterschool but you disappeared ! Wish I could help !" What was this about? "@SarrahNeedsMusic_Art: Hey @iCreateMakeBelieve what are you talking about? Who are you? How do you know me? Do you really go to my school? & DM me!" *1 new Direct Message* "@iCreateMakeBelieve: is there anyway we can meet tomorrow to get you these ?" "@SarrahNeedsMusic_Art: What is "these" things that you're talking about?" "@iCreatMakeBelieve: just meet me at the London eye !" "@SarrahNeedsMusic_Art: Don't get an attitude with me darling & okay whatever. I will be in the light orange converse black skinny jeans & pale orange sweatshirt hoodie. Meet me there at 6 p.m." "@iCreateMakeBelieve: okay doll !!" Such weird people now a days. I now have to locate all of those items to wear tomorrow. They could be ANYWHERE ... oh crap.

*The Next Day*

              It's 5:56p.m. only 4 minutes left. I'm leaving at 6:10p.m. Whether they show up or not, whoever they are.

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