Immortal as I laid dying

Lizzy was late home one night from her friend bonnies it was dark and the stars were out . She started to walk home , when she meet her boyfriend in a alley she was left to die when a blonde male figure appeared over her ,
'please' I managed to move my lips.

Twilight fan fiction


9. Strawberries

I am with Nick were curled up on the sofa. I am half asleep on his chest we had a long night last night, Nick is stroking my hair. " Hold your breath " he whispers in my ear , I am confused by this instruction but does as he says. Kol and Elijah walk through the door carrying cases. Cases of blood. I immediately am put on high alert. One spill and will snap out of self-control and go crazy. All that blood is just 10 feet away from me the thought shocks me and I quickly I bury my self in Nicks chest . I squeeze him to me not caring if I hurt him and event if I did he wouldn't tell me. Elijah walks over to me and Nick , I have my eyes closed but I know he's watching me. When I know Kols taken the blood away I release my breath I open my eyes and Nick is looking down curiously at me. " Does it hurt?"Elijah questions. ' It can be very tempting' I answer. " If the blood was spill what would happen " ' I would lose control '. I look up at Nick then to Elijah. " You mean you would drink it. Would you want more?". Elijahs eyes are filled with curiosity. ' Yes ' I look up him through my lashes. " I wonder " he mutters to himself. I can see into his thoughts Elijah purposely spilling the blood. ' I wouldn't do that if I was you ! ' I hiss. "What?" Elijah raises his eyebrows. ' Think about purposely spilling the blood ' I snarl. " How did you know ?" Elijah's expression is completely and utterly shocked. 'Because I can read your mind ' I smile at him, Nick kisses my head. " Lizzy you want to go somewhere ?" Nick asks. ' Do you ?' I ask " Why don't you tell me ?"He smirks at me. ' Are you smirking at me NicKlaus '. "Indeed I am Elizabeth " he giggles, that is a very rare sound event Elijah has never heard him giggle. 'You would like to go for a picnic and eat strawberries under the sun set. How romantic NicKlaus ' I kiss him quickly on th lips. Nick scoops me up into his arms and places me on the kitchen counter, I giggle and squeal. "Strawberries??" I nod. " You never told me you like strawberries" Nick smiles his heart breaking smiles my favourite kind. I shrug , " you haven't gone all shy on me have you now Lizzy ". He tickles me and I begin to squeal and giggle again , Nick laughs unable to contain his amusement. ' Stop , stop! ' I can just get the words out I'm laughing so hard. " Stop what " Nick asks he's giggling to. ' Please!' I giggle ' stop!' I say in my attempts to hit his hands away but failing. Nick stops and scoops me up of the counter and puts me over his shoulder. ' Put me down ! ' I steady my self by putting my hands on his back. I let go with one hand and smack his behind. He laughs and hits me back. He picks up the strawberries on the way out. " Stop" he demands as I try and kick myself of him. ' Make me ' I laugh. " Ow Elizabeth your going to wish you hadn't said that " with that he sprints into the forest and though the trees. I am shocked by the speed and wrap my arms around him , crushing him to me holding him safely to my chest. I am not aware I have dug my nails into him in till we arrive at a meadow like Edward's and Bella's. " You can let go now " Nick smirks. He pulls me of his shoulder on sits down with me on his lap. He laughs " are you ok? " he asks. I hit his arm 'don't do that to me again'. He smirks at me, " why its fun" he smiles. ' I just scares me ' " A vampire scared of running "he laughs and I hit him again. ' Its not funny Klaus '. I try to sound serious but fail as I feel my lips twitch up into a smile. NicKlaus pushes me so I am lying in the flowers. He's leaning over me , he has the strawberry leaf between his teeth. I lean up to eat the end of the strawberry but he moves back he does this twice. 'Nick' I scold. He smiles and leans down again and this time he let's me eat the strawberry. " More?" ' Ow Nick your going to wish you hadn't said that ' I flip over so he is in the flowers and I'm leaning over him. I lean down as if I'm going to kiss him but I brush my lips from his jaw to the side of his lips , careful not to kiss him. I brush my lips from his neck to his jaw. Nick makes a deep groaning noise from deep inside his throat And flips over so I am underneath. I fight him trying to kick him off to stop him from kissing me. " Don't fight me " Nick laughs. ' If you want something you have to work for it ' I successfully kisck him in the ribs. He growls at me. Nick has never growled at me before. I know he's only playing but the growl shakes me up I stop fighting. I stop smiling. He stops and looks down at me. ' Did you just growl at me' I demand He releases me and I scramble to my feet. I walk of through the meadow. " Wait Lizzy, I'm sorry , where are going? " he asks. I wonder of towards Carlisle's if he's smart he will figure it out. NiKlaus P.O.V Lizzy smiles up at me she is so beautiful when she smiles. I always find myself grinning back at her. Lizzy flips me over and teases me I have to admit I find it really hot when I'm being teased. She laughs as I flip her over. ' Don't fight ' I giggle. " If you want something you have to work for it" she demands at me. Those words were my undoing. I want her so bad right now. I growl playfully at her, and she stops fighting. Iv upset her. I let go of her and she scrambles to her feet and storms of. ' Wait Lizzy, I'm sorry , where are going? ' I ask truly sorry that iv upset her and now she's going of into the forests by herself. ' I watch her disappear north of into the trees towards Carlisle's she hasn't seen him in two days and she like the comfort of her sire. I sigh and follow her keeping hidden in the trees so she doesn't she me. When I see her go into the house I turn to leave knowing my Lizzy is safe. " Hey soon to be brother in law " Emmett Cullen smiles at me. " What's up Elizabeth? ". I sigh , ' We were playing and I growled at her and it upset her and she wondered of. ' I shrug. " Ok awesome she will get over it " he grins up at me. " I remember when I got paint in her hair " he laughs unable to finnish his sentence. ' What did she do ? ' Now I was curious. " She was only days old she shrieked at me and tried to rip my head of it took Jasper , Alice , Bella and Edward to pin her down till Carlisle got here. But don't worry she got her revenge she cut up all my trousers and pants. Alice loved it she went out shopping and brought back a whole new wardrobe for me " he smiles down at me. I notice Emmett is about 1 and half inches taller than me. " Well I gotta go my wife if wondering were I am. See you soon dude " he mock punches my shoulder on the way past.

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