Immortal as I laid dying

Lizzy was late home one night from her friend bonnies it was dark and the stars were out . She started to walk home , when she meet her boyfriend in a alley she was left to die when a blonde male figure appeared over her ,
'please' I managed to move my lips.

Twilight fan fiction


10. Stars

I arrived late in that night locking the door and not saying a word. 
Nick run into the room ,
"Your back!" he exclaims.
I look at him and walk past ducking under his out stretched arms still not speaking to him. 
" Lizzy " he sighs. " Lizzy I'm sorry , I really didn't mean to upset you, please say something anything I don't like it when you don't talk to me. " he looks down at the floor. 
"please forgive me" he looks into my eyes and with those words I know I can't ignore him. 
I fold my arms around him and he wraps his around my waist. 
He breaths in the smell of my hair then very gently he kisses my lips.
The kiss is slow and gentle but as we hold onto each other the kiss changes , It becomes fast and passionate. 
But I can't not at the moment anyway. I pull back a little letting Nick know were not going there tonight. 
he kisses my lips lightly and hugs me again.
I look at the calender, 
' Its Leah's birthday party do you want to go?. '
"Hmmm... Get drunk and spend time with my bride to be. My two favourite things in one. " He gives me a wolfish grin
I change into my purple top leather jacket and black skinny jean and ankle boots. 
I come down to see nick dress also in a leather jack. 
"We match " he laughs. 
' Why yes we do ' I giggle.
I pull up outside Leah's and park the car. 
I get out and she runs over to me ,
"OMG! Lizzy Bear where have you been " she doesn't wait for my reply. " Come I want to introduce you to some of my guy friends I met in italy. There like super hot " she places her hands on her hips.  
I hear Nick get out of the car , I feel him behind me and he wraps his arm around my waist. 
"You haven't told her " Nick whispers in my ear.
' LeaLea this is Klaus , he's going to be my husband '.I smile at her. 
Her smile fades ,
" Your getting married? "
' Yes ' where is she going with this I think.
She gives me a triumphing smile clapping her hand and jumping for joy. 
" OMG , OMG I knew it  , OMG can I be a bridesmaid. "
' How did you know? ' I arch my eyebrows. 
" Spirits talk Lizzy Bear ".
She turns to Nick. 
" Why , your a luck man  come I want to get to know more about you " she snakes her arm around Nicks and drags him away.
'Great now I don't have anyone to party with ' I muttered to myself folding my arms across my chest.
"You can party with me sexy " Came a voice that made me jump. 
That deep rough voice that I knew well that chilled me to the bone.
' Piss off ' I hissed and walked away.

" Hey don't you walk away from me " he said and was suddenly in front of me. 
He tried to wrap his arms around my waist trying to pull me to him.  I pushed him away from me and hit his hands away. 
" What's the matter sugar ".
I gasp as his lips crush down on mine. 
I light my fist on fire and punch him in the face. I hear a snap and see the blood coming from  nose as he staggers to his knees.
' F**k off Damon , I'm engaged you arsehole  ' I kick him down this time in the ribs and I hear the crunching noise. 
My I could come to love that noise.
"Not playing nice little sis " a rough voice came from the woods.
'Em' my voice chimed through the silence of the night. I hug Emmett and kiss him lightly on the cheek.
"Alice said you would need someone to party with and Rose said you could borrow me for the night. " He takes my hand and leads me into the house.
We reach the edge of the dance floor and Emmett twirls me onto it and starts moving to the beat.
About 16 shots later I'm start to feel a little dizzy. I wonder where Nick is,
' Em , where's Nick? '
"He's talking to your friends " he replies.
'Ok I'm going to go and see him ' I stand to leave and stagger as I nearly fall. Before I hit the floor Emmett's  muscular arms wrap around my waist to catch me.
" You ok sis ?? " He asks.
'Arr. My head ' I putting my hand to my swaying head.
" Come, I'm taking you home " he scoops me up into his arms and heads towards the door.
My head swirls as the cold air of the night hits my face. I look up at the stars and sigh.
' I used to know every constellation , how did I forget them all ' I mutter.
" Well your drunk and I wouldn't expect you to know anyway " Emmett whispers in my ear.
' Are we taking the car because I can drive '
Emmett starts to laugh,
" You seriously think I'm going to let you drive you can even see in a straight line.  Were taking the trees"
I feel the wind fast against my face and I know were running. I try to estimate how long it will take till were at Carlisle, but my blurred thoughts can't do the maths right now. I begin to fade as I curl into Emmett's chest and I know I'm on the edge of consciousness and lose track of time. I only know were home when I hear Carlisle's voice.
" Is she ok?" His voice seemed panicked.
" Trust me she's fine just really, really drunk. " Emmett laughs. " Did you know she knew every constellation?"
" No I didn't actually " I think Carlisle strokes my hair.
'Em...' I mutter. ' My head ' I wince at the pounding.
" Carlisle have we got anything to put. Her asleep "
" Yh here " I feel a little sting on my arm then I'm floating in the stars.

I wake with a banging headache. 
I roll over onto my side and someone groans , arms slip around my waist and pulls me tightly to him. 
I wince I think he's going to crush my ribs. 
I take Nicks hand and unwrap it from around my waist, I creep out of bed and down the stairs. I pour a glass of water for myself and walk into the living room.
Carlisle looks up and smiles,
"Morning " he grins .
' Hey Carlisle ' I grin back.
' I'm sorry. I dont think I'm   familiar with that term '
" You have never had a hangover? "
' No I have never drank before and I have no intention of ever drinking again. '
" I'm glad to hear that " Carlisle beams.
" Hey where did you go? " Nick walks into the living room in nothing but draw string sleep pant, he hugs me "Hey Carlisle ".
" Good morning Nicklaus I hope you slept well " Carlisle greets Nick.
" Well I would of if it wasn't for all that snoring " nick pokes me.
' Hey I do not snore ! ' I poke him back.
" I know, I'm only joking " he kisses me quickly and disappears. " I found out some interesting things about you last night Lizzy".
' Did you now Nick, I just thought you was using your charm on all my friends like you do to everyone ' I roll my eyes at him.
" Charm ? Do I charm you ? ".
I smack him playfully. ' Shut up ' I demand through my giggles.
' I'm going to go get dressed ' I inform and walk back. ' Nick. ' I call when he dosent follow me. ' I want a word. Now. '.
" See you later Carlisle " Nick says to Carlisle.
' Nick!' I call again.
" I'm coming" he calls.

He walks into my room and closes the door.  
I raise my eyebrows at him.
" What?" He asks giggling.
' Don't do that '
" Do what? " He kisses my neck and wraps his arms around my waist.
' Quit and you know what embarrassing me infront of my father like that. I will do the same to you when you least expect it '. This I promise him.
" I'm sure you mean it Lizzy " he kisses my neck and I can't ignore neck kissing is a real turn on point for me.
'Quit Nick ' I say between my sharp breath.
"Make me " he says.
I spin around and kiss him I take his lip between my teeth tug and bite. He groans and tries to hitch my night gown up.
' No ' I whisper and bite his shoulder.
"Elizabeth " he growls.
' NiKlaus ' I purr.
" Stop " he says taking in a sharp breath.
' No' I seduce him with my voice and I know he has responded when I feel his erection against my hip.
" Two can play at your game. " He says in his rough deep seductive voice. 
' You have to catch me first ' I whisper into his ear tartly .
I spin around and bolt out the door and down the stairs. I reach the back door before I feel him behind me. I note he has put on a T-shirt.
He scoops me up and puts me over his shoulder.
' Put me down ' I growl.
"Make me " he uses my words again.
I note carlisle has left the house so it is just me and Nick.
He carries me up the stairs and puts me down on the bed. He stands in between my legs he has one hand in my hair and the other is travelling up and down my leg. I want him but I won't surrender. 
This reminds me of a song from my human life by dido who I remember singing about white flags in the back of my memory.
" Are you attached to this nightgown?" Nick asks in that rough sexy voice.
' Yes its my favourite and I would prefer it to stay in one piece.'
" Your wish is my command " I laugh thinking of Nick as a genuine.
I feel the fabric shift on skin then I'm aware I'm in nothing but black bra , panties and stockings with little red bows on.
" I like these " Nick whispers in my ear flicking the little bows " are you my present to unwrap?" His kisses my neck and I fight back an appreciative noise.
"Playing hard to get Lizzy?" He kisses my neck again and looks up at me for a response. 
I give him a I know your game smile.
"Are you trying to hide the fact  that you are really turned of or dose my fiancee not like my touch no longer? " He grids his hips and I feel him hard Against me.  
I can't stop the groan that escapes my lips. " A response finally I knew I had not lost it over the years".
' Stop talking and kiss me ' I growl as I pull him to me. We kiss till we cannot ignore how much we need each other. Nick kisses from my neck to my breasts. From my breast to my hip and then down , down there.
I am caught up in desire a fall apart letting go.
" Are you ready? " NicKlaus asks laying between my legs his erection at my tip hovering.  
' I want you ' I don't recognise my own voices its breathless ragged and needy.  
I tilt my head back and groan as he enters me and all to soon I am floating in the stars again as we collapse into each other.
Nick is kissing my neck I'm not sure if I like it or not. I relax and feel the rise of his chest slowly rise and fall. I pull away and sigh.
' Carlisle will be back get dressed clean up and make the bed while I dispose of the broken vases. '.
" Yes ma'am " he says and stands up to get his spare clothes.
I take out fresh underwear and a pale pink dress Esme recommended to the mall.
I dress quickly then go to the draw to choose stockings. 
" I like these" Nick picks out a black pair with hearts and lacey pink tops.
' I though you would now back to work while I write a list of things WE need to replace. '.
I begin my list"
Three vases
Five pillows 
New clothes
Bedside lamp
Sheets/ bed linen
I look around making sure I didn't forget any thing.
I quickly got down,
New door handle.  
I look at the door handle that has been crushed to dust. Nick scoops it into a pan and kisses my cheek on the way past.
I grab my purse. 
" All done am I coming with? ".
' Of course I need you to help me pick out new underwear. '
" Now this I look forward to. " Nick kisses me and takes my hand.
This is going to be interesting. 

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