Immortal as I laid dying

Lizzy was late home one night from her friend bonnies it was dark and the stars were out . She started to walk home , when she meet her boyfriend in a alley she was left to die when a blonde male figure appeared over her ,
'please' I managed to move my lips.

Twilight fan fiction


6. Save me a dance

I was trying on a lime green dress when another customer entered the shop. The customer knocked on the door ,

' Just a minute ' I called. " Lizzy " the familiar voice called.

' Ow it you Alice , what do you want ' I said.

" Lizzy can I help you , please , lime won't go with your hair colour " she pleaded.

I sighed and opened the door. She slid in and shook her head.

" Wait ". She said as she went out of the dressing room. She came back with what looked like half of the shop. One by one I tried on dresses and Alice gave her verdict. I ended up in a midnight blue cocktail gown. It was strapless and ruffled at the feet.

Alice finally smiled , " That's the one " she cheered.

' Ok Alice thank you its beautiful but what are you wearing ? '

" Do you mean " I nodded at her and she jumped up and down clapping her hands. ' So you would like to be ny +1 ' I smile as she picked up some dresses for her self.

It only took Alice minutes to find her self a dress. It was emerald with diamonds sewed onto the top. Like mime. Alice and I looked like supermodels as we walked up and down the shop. "

"What do you think "Alice asked

' You look beautiful ' I replied "You look stunning so , can I meet your mate Klaus " she smiled

' Sure he's charming but first we need shoes' I said . Alice giggled and agreed We walked to the shoe shop, I picked up a pair of stilettos that we covered completely in diamonds and had large bowes on. Alice had picked out a gold pair of shoes that complemented her eyes. ' They look lovely Alice , they really bring out your eyes ' she smiled and laughed. She handed he a little blue box that was on her palm. " Carlisle wanted to apologise for everything . He wants to welcome you back home " she said. I opened the box to see my necklace , the Cullen crest. I carefully took the necklace and laid it onto my hand. " May I " Alice asked as she put the necklace round my neck. I smiled at myself in the mirror and turned back to Alice. ' Thank you ' I said as I throw my arms around Alice. she hugged me back. " I'm just happy your my sister Lizzy " she smiled. As we arrived at the ball late the dances had all ready began. Alice said it was romantic to be fashionably late but she said on my case it would be stunningly late. I walked through the hall , the place was packed. Then I saw him on the stair case probably looking for me. He smiled as his eyes found mine. He walked down the stairs towards me and Alice. " Wow " Alice said as she laid eyes on Klaus. Klaus stood in front of me , he carefully took my hand and kissed it. I bit my lip as he looked me up and down. " Wow " he said using Alice's words I smiled at him " would you like to dance " he asked. I looked at Alice and smiled as behind her stood Jasper. She nodded to me as Klaus pulled me into the centre. He took my hand in his and placed his arm around my waist. Then we were gliding across the room. I looked at him and hesitated as I leaned into his chest. Klaus pulled me in closer He swirled across the floor in each others arms. He kissed my lips at then my neck when the dance ended. " Lizzy" he said my name as he looked into my eyes. " I would like you to meet my family " he said as we danced across the floor. I smiled , ' Really ?' I asked ' but what if they don't like me.' I looked down. " Elizabeth they will like you , your beautiful , funny , smart and absolutely irresistible " he said in his hot english accent. He lead me towards the stair case. He swept me of my feet as he listed me up the stair and into a room that looked like the lounge. He placed me back on my feet. When he noticed we was no longer alone. He keep his hand around my waist as he took me to a blonde across the room. Her eyes were cold and her body was still she was probably praying . Then I felt a ball of energy coming from the blonde she was not finding peace but casting a spell. " Mother " Klaus said to the woman. The blondes eyes snapped open. " Nicklaus " she said then looked at me " you have brought a friend " Klaus mother looked me up and down twice. " Mother I would like you to meet my mate Elizabeth " klaus said , he looked at me and pulled me closer as he said my name. " Well she is a very strong witch she is blocking me completely and protecting you to Nicklaus " she looked me in the eyes " I could break through the barrier but I have no reason to " she finally smiled "Nicklaus can you go fetch us some punch please " she asked , Nick nodded and walked out the door leaving me and his mother alone. " So your the girl who has stolen my son heart " she said ' I think he stole mine ' I smiled at her. " How did you and Nick meet " she asked. ' I was , upset about being a vampire and I went out into an alley when I was attacked by another vampire. He would of killed me if Nick wasn't there. Then my transition into a vampire went wrong and I nearly died and , ' I smiled at her. ' he saved me ' I finished the sentence. She smiled at me , " Lizzy you was a witch , what witch family did you come from ?" I thought back to my last day. ' I was a Bennett witch ' I said as I played with bracelet that held the Bennett crest. I thought back to my last day. ' I was a Bennett witch ' I said " Brilliant my best friend was a Bennett witch" she smiled " Lizzy can I ask of you something " ' Sure ' I Smiled. " You see your a Bennett which means you carry the blood line , I want to talk to Zenia if that's ok but only you can call her spirit because you share blood " ' I dont know how I forgot when I was changed , but , I will if you show me ' She smiled pulling a scroll from her purse she laid it out on the table and wrote '. Zenia Bennett. '. " I need your hand we need some of your blood to call her " She took a dagger and sliced the palm of my hand. She fliped my hand over letting the scroll absorb the blood she then chanted some words. I copied her , the lights flickered. Then there behind Nicks mother stood Zenia. She shook her head at me telling me to stop. I decided to obey her and broke of. The spell bounced of me sending me to the floor. My blood poured along the floor. Then I knew it was coming blackness hit me. I fluttered my eyelids looking up to see Nick I was in the bar. Nick was drinking.

' Ouch ' I gasped holding my head. Nick turned round to look at me. Here he said as he handed me a sex on the beach to me. " It will help with the pain. " he said. We danced allong the streets back to Nicks. I noticed I was wearing Nicks shirt over my blood stained dress. It didn't bother me. I was pissed. I couldn't walk in a straight line .

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