Immortal as I laid dying

Lizzy was late home one night from her friend bonnies it was dark and the stars were out . She started to walk home , when she meet her boyfriend in a alley she was left to die when a blonde male figure appeared over her ,
'please' I managed to move my lips.

Twilight fan fiction


8. Proposal

Again I make the short journey through the forest to the Mikealson manor. I take the key from my chain and unlock the door I step inside the large over sized hallway and close the door behind me I walk into the living room and there is a man sitting watching tv sipping wine , I recognise him from one of the pictures. Elijah Mikealson Klaus's brother. He looks up at me smiles and walks over to greet me .

" Hello , you must Elizabeth , I'm Elijah. " I put my hand in his to shake it but he raises my hand to his lips and kisses it , I can't help but blush slightly.

' Lizzy , please ' I say.

He smiles " Lizzy , its very nice to meet you. Nick is a lot happier when he's with you " he looks up and looks towards the door to the study.

There stood Nick his beautiful brown curls were damp he must of been in the bath his arm were folded across his chest.

' Nick ' I sighed. I walked to him and he walked over to me. I thought he would of took me somewhere more private but his lips were on mine. His arms scooping me up into his arms and spinning me in a small smile. He kissed me again , and again.

" Your back " he smiled.

' Of course I am ' I frowned and clenched my fists hiding my marks.

" What's the matter " Nick asked his face was concerned.

' Nick can we talk in private ' I say.

" Of course" Nick leads me out of the back door into the extremely large garden.

We run far a mile and stop at a small gazebo. Were ivy climes the poles. There is a wooden bench. I sat and so does Nick.

" What's the matter" he asks.

' I have a problem. ' I say then add ' I think there's something wrong with me '

" Elizabeth Cullen , there is nothing wrong with you "

' You don't understand' I say my voice breaks as I fight back tears.

I look at my lap I turn my hands over facing upwards. My fingers covering my marks.

Nick looks at my hands in my lap and takes my hand and cups it with his. He slowly moves my fingers back revealing the mark. He gasps. A tear rolls down my cheek.

' I'm sorry ' I mutter my voice still breaking.

" You have nothing to be sorry for ". He replies. His fingertips trace the blue roses.

' I know who's marks these are ' I mutter.

" You do?" he asks.

' There hers ' I say then add ' your daughters , Sapphire Rose '

" Yes " is all he can say.

' I know what happened to her ' I whisper.

" You do? " He asks then adds " so you know how rude , aggressive and what an arse I can be ?And you still come back ? Why? " I laugh lightly at him.

' Because , because , it came to me I fell in love with the man who rescued me and saved my life. ' I smile and add ' I love you Klaus Mikealson , with everything '. I say tears of joy stream down my face. Klaus pulls me into his lap ,

" Then I have to admit , I love you to Elizabeth Cullen , with everything " he strokes my marks " and whatever these are I will help you " he pulls my lips to his and kisses me.

I curl into a ball and lay his against his chest. I place my hand over his heart and he places his over it. " It beats for you " he whispers.

He then pulls me from his lap and puts me on my feet he also stands up. He sighs then looks down into my eyes. He takes my hand and very slowly sinks to one knee. His other hand reaches into his pocket and pulls out a box.

I am stunned frozen to the spot my mouth must be hanging open. My heartbeat increases. He opens the box in between the two pillows lays a white gold ring its plain apart from the three enormous diamonds. The middle diamond is the biggest and is clear and beautifully and the two either side of it a pair of sapphires shine in the sun. Its beautiful. Its perfect. I look from the ring to Nick. I am speechless.

" Elizabeth Carlisle Cullen , I love you forever and always , will you do me the honour of marrying me " I have no words but make out

' What ? ' " Will you marry me ?" He asks again. I think to myself this man who loves me wants me to marry him. I can't imagine life without him my life would be useless. I love him. ' Yes ' I breath its almost a whisper. ' Yes! ' I say louder and a grin crosses my face he takes the ring out of the box and slides it onto my finger . He stands up and I am in his arms already he's isn't giving me sweet gentle kisses but fierce dominating kisses. I can almost taste desire on his tongue. He pushes me against a pillar of the gazebo and kisses from my ear to the edge of my mouth. He pulls away , " Another thing , I want to ask your father's permission " he asks. ' Ok ' I say and my lips are back on his. When we are done at the gazebo we take a long walk back to the house hand in hand. There has been a long silence so I decide its a chance to find out about Nick's daughter. ' What was she like ?' I ask picking a random moment . " Sapphire was , rude , selfish , evil , manipulative , cruel and strong. Run by her strongest emotion , revenge. " ' Did she have any good qualities ?' I ask. " Yes she was , reasonable , also like you she didn't like the idea of drinking blood. " He laughs, " She was a vegetarian " he says using are family joke. ' Why did you kill her?' I ask , wait is this a steep to far. No your marrying the man he is going to have to tell you. There is silence for five minutes. " She was going to kill me , her life was devoted to killing me in revenge for killing her mother. " He finally says. ' So you decided to kill her than talk ' my voice was louder than I expected. " I think are problems were to big to talk , we couldn't stand to be in the same room as each other." He smiled at me and kissed my cheek. " Its in the past , she's in the past , I don't want to think of her. Yes I would of loved to get to know my daughter and spend time with her but she's , she's complicated ". ' its ok , you don't have to tell me I was just , curious ' I say I kiss his cheek and smile warmly at him. We reach the back doors to the Mikealson manor. He opened it for me. " Lady's first " he says. ' Why thank you Mr Mikealson , but I am no lady '. " Ow Miss Cullen, you see your self in the wrong way , I see a beautiful soon to be bride , what do you see " ' I see a girl that is completely and utterly smitten by you Mr Mikealson ' I smile at him. In the living room I can see Klaus's three brothers Elijah , kol and finn and his little sister Rebekah. He leans down in front of everyone and kissed my lips. " Get a room " hisses a blonde male from the corner I don't recognise him but I do recognise the man next to him. That man . I hiss in outrage , Nick pats my arm. " Its nice to see you to sexy " Damon says. This time I and Klaus growl at him. I in anger , him in warning. Nick moves so I am protectively behind him. I stoke his arm , I don't like it when my husband to be is angry. " Wow somebody's protective " Damon mutters. " I suggest you don't talk to my future wife like that " Klaus snarls The room is dead silent. Everyone is looking at me and Nick, There is a smash of a vase from another room , Elijah and Kol are gaping at us there in the middle of a game of snooker. Rebekah has looked up from her book and is looking me up and down. Damon is frozen to the spot his eyes are wide with shock. He brakes the silence. " Seriously who would want to marry you " Damon says in a sarcastic voice. Before Nick Can speak I have steeped around him and have put myself between him and Damon. ' I would ' I hiss at Damon. " She speaks " ' What do you want Damon because I seriously don't know what you are gaining out of this ' " I am gaining humour know and you your marrying him wow , talking of expecting the unexpected , you wouldn't last he will end up killing you" That's it I hit him, the found echoing throw the corridors. He clutches his cheek " ouch " he breathed. ' You didn't expect that did you ' I hiss then pull Klaus from the living room and up to his room. When we are in the safe privacy of Klaus's room I launch myself onto the bed. Klaus joins me stretching out beside me. I hug his pillow I breath in Nicks heavenly sent. I turn to look at him , his eyes full of humour. " You hit him " he laughs. ' He deserved it ' I giggle. He leans over me and kisses me. " I can't wait to your officially my wife" he kisses me again. I can't moved pinned with not just his body but his eyes. Were interrupted by my phone. Its Carlisle. ' Hello ' I answer. " Hello Lizzy Alice wanted to talk to you she said you didn't reply to her messages. " ' Ok put her on ' After a minute I hear Alice screech down the phone. " What the hell are you thinking !" ' Alice I'm not alone ' " I don't care !" ' Alice where are you are you alone ' " Yes! " ' Have you told anyone ' "No!" ' Alice can we talk about this later , please ' " Fine!" She snaps then puts the phone down . I look up at Nick , ' Family ' I mutter rolling my eyes. " Tell me about it " he mutters "come " he orders I take his hand and he leads me out of the room and back down stairs. I walk into the dinning room , Esther looks up at me and smiles. She polishing crystal vases and glasses. Klaus takes me into his study down a flight of stairs and into a dark room. He flicks the lights on. The walls are covered in paintings of there is a table covered in all types of paints , brushes and canvases. There is a picture on a stand. the colours blend into each others. It takes a moment to realise the girl in the painting is me. In the painting I am held in Nicks arms are eyes looking into each others. It is beautiful. ' Wow' I whisper. " You like it " Klaus asks. ' I love it, how could I not. ' . I pull Nick in for a hug he kisses the top of my head then my engagement ring. " Its a hobby of mine " he says tracing a sketch of a horse. ' Your very talented' I say. " You think? " ' Nick there beautiful ' I whisper. I stand at a photo its something from mine and his memories. It was me in the alley pinned to the wall by Damon. My eyes were wide with fear , the face of Damon was reflected in my eyes. I gasp , this was the first time I met Nick. I look from him to the painting. ' Did I really look like that ' I whisper. " Yes" I look at the picture again this time I realise something out of place. ' What's that or who's that ? ' I ask I point to a shadow that doesn't belong to me Damon or Nick. Nick walks over and traces the shadow. " Well I say its a who " Nick declares inspecting the painting. I pick up a photograph of me and Klaus on are date. I realise the shadow is there to. I pick up another , and another. They all have the shadow in. ' Nick ' I call walking over to the table and lay out the photos. 'Shes there in all of them '. " She " Nick asks arching an eyebrow. I sigh 'I remember in a grimoire I once had, it said a immortal who died and has unfinished business can not cross over. There stuck here like ghosts in till they finish there unfinished business' " She ?" Nick asks again. ' I have a suspicion , ' I sigh , will Nick not like it if I mention her. ' I have a suspicion its her , your daughter , Sapphire ' I look up to see him expression. "Lizzy, look just because you read it in your witchie spell book does not mean its true " I glare at him. From the door way of the room there is a new voice. " She has a point Nick, Sapphire told you before you killed her it wouldn't be over. She promised you a life time of misery , loss and pain , she was all ways one for keeping promises. " Kol hisses. " Maybe you should listen to you finance more " he leaves the room in a hurry. " if it is her I'm doomed " Nick mutters. I pat his arm and kiss his check. ' Were doomed ' a correct him he holds my hand. ' Were in this together, for as long as we both should live ' I smile at him and he kisses my lips. "Till death do us apart" he says. ' I won't be to far behind' I say. " You wouldn't dare" ' Yes I would ,end of conversation ' I say before leaving to go back to Carlisle's.


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