Immortal as I laid dying

Lizzy was late home one night from her friend bonnies it was dark and the stars were out . She started to walk home , when she meet her boyfriend in a alley she was left to die when a blonde male figure appeared over her ,
'please' I managed to move my lips.

Twilight fan fiction


14. Is and isn't

I curl up on the cold floor and look through the mirrors all around. There face haunt me.
is this what this is for? To remind me of what Iv done?
i look at the pictures of floating mangled corpses some faces set into a scream, all men and the occasional women . No Children. I could never harm a child.

my mind flashes back to the day I vowed never to harm a child or a woman with child,
"Push Sapphira," the woman's French accent lingering on the e which he pronounces as an a.
i cry out with tears folding down my face and squeeze tighter on Anthony's  hand.
i give one last final push looking up into the eyes of the man I love.
im drained and exhausted ready to pass out as I hear the screams and cries of a child fill the room.
the French woman cradles my child,
"give her to me, let me see her" I plead and she just looks at me,
" I'm sorry" are her only words as the doors burst open, I just catch a flash of a bald and I look over at Antony he seems fine the he reaches a hand to his neck as he in that instant realises what has just happened.
blood soaks his white silk shirt, blood running down like a waterfall. I scream and scream over and over and over until I hear that evil laugh.
" He only wants you for your immortality daughter" Klaus says leaning over me. He kiss my cheek and pats my hair the he pulls my child from beneath his cloak. No.
"Klaus, please,no!!, I'll do anything, Anything!!" I scream and cry,
" all bad memories should be lost and forgotten" and with that he breaks the child's neck as I layers there helpless and screaming.

Im so lost in the memory I don't realise the scolding tears run down my face.

Thats it. That is what this is about Anthony,
"Benjamin" I cry out.

" Ow so your just realising you stupid girl" he materialises out of nowhere.

" I loved your son I would never harm him, his death and the death of are child was an accident, a act of revenge "

"I don't care, you took my family now I'm going to take yours" he declares as he disappears out if the room.

this is it, I think to myself, I need to help them if not I'm going to lose everyone I love.

i lift my dress and take out my bag Iv been hiding in the lace of my stockings.
i rip open the fabric and find little vials if everything, herbs, blood and things I'm not even going to mention.

I take out a piece of chalk and a knife .
i sketch the crest and close my eyes as the pain of the blade bites through the palm of my hand.
i start to chant trying to connect with any Cullen that will let me in, the spell has only just began and I already feel drained.
this is ridiculous, I am Sapphire Rose Klaus Mikaelson, I am capable of bring the death to life, 

I Will Not Be Afraid  


Renesmees p.o.v


i wit by myself at the beautiful grand piano I play a piece not even I recognise from anywhere.
after hunting around through Carlisles personal collection I find something that interests me, I book if piano sheet music but this music is like no other it's almost as if the notes are written in blood.
The music is slow and painfully heartbreaking to listen to, for anyone I would bring back awful memories and make them grieve .
i play and I play then I start from the top again.

" That's odd "I say out loud as I notice the notes disappearing and running down the page the notes collect and form blood droplets.
the notes reform to make words.
Carlisle, it's not me I swear to you, he's on his way, get out of there, get out now Carlisle he's coming after all of you. As me. Why are you still reading this get out Now! Now I said!
I run with the note to Carlisle Shouting his name he takes the paper and shouts out,
"she's coming, go leave the house now!" Just as the words leave his mouth the music room explodes with blue flames. Carlisle grades me and runs outside into the ouch black, as all the lights are knocked out one by one.

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