Immortal as I laid dying

Lizzy was late home one night from her friend bonnies it was dark and the stars were out . She started to walk home , when she meet her boyfriend in a alley she was left to die when a blonde male figure appeared over her ,
'please' I managed to move my lips.

Twilight fan fiction


12. In the shadows

" Are you sure it was her " Carlisle asks. " She wouldn't do something like this she has no reason to "
" I think its to get at me iv told you before what she's truly like Carlisle. Now she's just showing her true colours" 
" I still don't understand why". Carlisle shakes his head and turns his attention back to me. " I'm not sure how to heal this but I can tell you your dying. "
'What??!!!! ' I exclaim. 
" Its ok I can heal it " Nick says and takes a knife of the table. 
He slits a small cut in the tip of his thumb. 
" Stay still " he orders. 
He traces the claw mark with the blood. 
He slits his thumb six times before he kisses me. 
" Its almost healed ". 

Emmett enters the room covered in mud. 
" We scanned the area "
" And? "
"Nothing not event a scent "

" That's because she doesn't have one at all I looked for her for hundreds and thousands of years and I never found a trace ". 



NiKlaus P.O.V

" No she has a trail" Carlisle says.
' What? '. 
" Yes you just can't find it because you don't know what to look for ". 
' What do you mean by that ? '
" Her trail isn't a sent its more of a magical path like the slime a slug leaves"
' Wow ' I sigh ' she wasn't always like this though there was a time she was a sweet innocent child that picked lilacs in the summer , she was a beautiful child so polite '
" I remember when I first met her , she  saved my showed me how to hunt showed me how to fight. How to survive " carlisle sighs. 
' She could of been a nice person at the time you know how she switches. ' I smile at Carlisle. He might know my own daughter better than I do. 

" I still can believe she's doing this " Carlisle mutters. 

" She's a raging bitch Carlisle its her true colours " a young woman enters through the back door. 
Her hair is the same as hers the tumbling think brown curls sit at her waist just like sapphires. 

'Mia?!! ' I stand up truly shocked at the appearance of my niece. 
I wrap my arms around her and kiss her hair. 
" Its nice to see you to NiKlaus " she hugs me back. 


Mias P.O.V

I can see her trail thick and fresh just as I get my hopes up that I will catch that Bitch the trail disappears in the rain. 
I look around for some sign of where I am.  
Forks. I smell the air. 
' Carlisle ' I sigh recognising the scent. 
I follow the sound back to the house 
I hear voices from inside and smell blood. 
" She was a beautiful child so polite " I catch the end of the sentence. Omg he's there I haven't seen him in over fifty years. 
"She taught me how to survive " I listen in again and think. Who are they talking about? I think Sapphire?

I walk up to the house. 
" I can't believe she's doing this " Carlisle says. 

' She's a raging bitch Carlisle its her true colours ' I saunter through the room. 
"Mia?!!!" Nick exclaims and hugs me. 
' Its nice to see you to NiKlaus ' I return his hug and he kisses my hair. 
'Iv been tracking the bitch '. I smile at carlisle as I hug him. 
" Language there's young children about ". 
' Would you be referring to Emmett? ' I mock punch Emmetts shoulder. 

"He would be referring to me " says a little voice from behind me. 
A girl comes down the stairs her hair is brown and curly and her eyes are a deep chocolate.  
The girl is hand in hand with a woman with the same hair and him. 
' Edward ' I smile and hug him kissing him on the cheek. 
"Mia " he greets me. " I would like to introduce you to my wife Bella and my daughter Renesmee ". 
I shake hands with Bella the lean down to greet Renesmee. 
" You haven't got yellow eyes " Renesmee points out. 
' Yes that because I'm partly human to ' I smile at her and she lifts her hand and touches my cheek. 
She tells me a bit about her self then asks me questions like who am I ? Where am I from ? How old am I ? And how do I know Nick and Carlisle ?  
I tell her out loud instead if through thoughts like Sapphire and Edward I can read thoughts. 
' My name is Mia Flora Mikealson , I'm Klaus niece and a very good Friend of Carlisle, I'm from england and I was born in 1036. ' I smile at her. ' Its very nice to met you Renesmee ' I smile at the child. 
Carlisle hugs me. 
"Hello Mia its nice to see you again "
' you to carlisle ' 
I watch from the corner of my eye as a blonde woman moves closer to Nick and leans on his shoulder. 
I watch as Nick strokes her hair and kisses her, this is so unlike Klaus. 
I turn to face them. 
' Who's your friend NiKlaus? ' I ask. 
"This is my fiancee Elizabeth Cullen , Carlisle daughter "
'Fiancee?!!' I exclaim. 
" Yes I'm going to marry her ". 
' But you're evil, manipulative , you can be serious '
"Evil? Manipulative? . I Believe Nick can be those things if he wishes but I don't see him like that all." Elizabeth say to me , she leans up and kisses Nick on the lips. 
That's when I see her hands two small blue rose on each palm. 
I reach out and grab her. 
Nick snarls and growls at me as his fiancee hits me in the face and I have to admit it hurt. . 
I look up into her eyes that are now a blazing blue with fury. 
Suddenly I fell warm like I melting I look down and see blue flames covering my arms I let go of her in an instant and squat the flames away. 
I turn to look at her ,her hands are clenched and lit with blue flames. 
' Necromancer ' I hiss. 
" What are you talking about ?" She snarls. 
'Be quiet witch of her magic'
"What?" Nick and Elizabeth ask at the same time.
' You was in her coven you have her magic running through you '.
" Iv never been in a coven before " the flames slowly flicker and I see the rose vine climb higher. 
' By time the vine reached your heart my dear you will be hers'. 
" What do you man by that? "
' Sapphires magic will take you, you will be hers to control to keep like a pet on a leach '. 
She growls at me. 
"What's a Necromancer? " Klaus demands. 
I sigh, 
' A Necromancer is a witch of very dark powerful magic , a Necromancer has control over life and death. If the Necromancer controls the dead then she controls us vampire because we are dead '. I growl at Elizabeth and she hisses in return. 
"Awesome" Klaus smiles. 
' Awesome? Nick she can make you her puppet she will control you pull your stings '
" She wouldn't have to pull strings. All she will have to do is ask, she will be my wife I will give her all she desires. I love her. " Nick gives me a shy smile and warp his arms around her waist. 
The flames vanish as soon as he touches her and I feel it in the air. 
The room goes still. 
'Do you see that ' I nod in the direction of the trees where I can see a faint magic trail. 
" She was here with us. She was watching ". Klaus pulls Elizabeth to him and looks very protectives. 
" She's never going to stop , this is only the beginning " Elizabeth mutters as her eyes tear , she buries her face into Nicks chest and he holds her closer to him. 
I growl at her, any closer and they will need to get a room , I really don't like this girl. 

"Mia, I would appreciate it if you did not growl at my daughter, she's not a violent person and only harmed you in defence. You had no reason to attack her. "
' I get your point Carlisle and I get your.' I stop and think.  'I don't know what to call Klaus ,but me her are not going to be friends.  I know that we have lots in common but the truth is she and Sapphire-Rose are to much alike. That is my opinion. ' I smile at Carlisle and look at Nick who simply nods. 
I look down at Elizabeth who is so still and quite she could be asleep apart from her uneven breathing. 
"Its all going to be ok we will fix this. Together." I hear Nick whisper in Elizabeth's ear and I have to admit that was the most sweetest thing I have ever heard NiKlaus Mikealson say"
Nick stands with Elizabeth in his arms and takes her up the stairs. I guess she's asleep as Nick is gently cradling her. 

I notice Carlisle watching me watching Elizabeth. 
"He's completely different to what I was told when Elizabeth came home one night and said she had fell in love with Klaus Mikealson I stopped her from seeing him "
' And what did she do about that? '
" She left "
' She came back though '
" Yeah I had to send Alice after her "
' Alice? '
" Elizabeth is scared of her"
I laugh, 'really?'
" You should of seen her when she was first turned she did everything possible to avoid her"
I find the thought of little Alice and her spidysenses scary. 
I laugh and look at the window knowing my cousin is out there with a vengeance to kill. 
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