Immortal as I laid dying

Lizzy was late home one night from her friend bonnies it was dark and the stars were out . She started to walk home , when she meet her boyfriend in a alley she was left to die when a blonde male figure appeared over her ,
'please' I managed to move my lips.

Twilight fan fiction


13. I will not be afraid

Sapphires p.o.v


the chains clank against the floor. How did I get here? How did I end up like this? .
I am one of the oldest vampires in the history of time and here I am chained up like a puppet on a string. 
I look around at the mirrored cell, my reflection everywhere to remind me of what I am, if wha I one did.

I think about it everyday as his photo lay in front of me forcing me to look into his beautiful mercury eyes.
my eyes brim with tears

No I Will Not Be Afraid 

I tell myself.


Bur You Should 

The croaky voice echoes through my mind, then the crack if the whip echoes through my cell as it cracks down with a mighty thud. The vervain burns through my skin and I set my whole body on fire.

I Will Not Be Afraid,

i chant over and over, those words, his words,  Carlisles words are the only thing that's get me going, everyday if would be a different for of tourture  one day the whip, the next a knife drains me of my blood and replaces it with vervain, then the occasional rape.

I can't go on but I must. For my family.



Elizabeths p.o.v


I look over at the beautiful vampire her chocolate skin dazzles as she hutches over a very old book, something about it seems familiar but I can't quite put my finger on it,

" stop staring at me "  her chocolate and emerald eyes burn into me.

"what?! " I exclaim 

" don't think your fooling anyone because your not, you may have Klaus under you sick little spell but you can fool me" she hisses.

 "What are you talking about? I haven't done anything to you?" I growl with frustration , "what happened to you? What happened to you to make you a raging bitch? You know what you pretend to hate her but now I realise you hate her because your so much like her, you and Sapphire are exactly the same your both total bitches." I growl and hiss and with that I dart to my feet sneering and storm out of the room leaving her there gaping at me and what I have just said.

I walk out to the garden and sit in the swing where I and Carlisle normally sit I sigh and bury my face in my hands and cry. I feel arms go around my shoulder as Carlisle pulls me into his chest,

 " why does everyone hate me?"

"Nobody hates you Elizabeth they just don't understand you"

" I don't want to be like her, I don't what to be hers"

" then you won't, look Iv known Sapphire for a very very long time she's a daughter to me and considers me as he dad, if I asked her to realise you she would without questioning" Carlisle stroke my soft curls.

" she would do that for you?" I lift my head to look at Carlisle.

" yes she would do anything for me, she loves me and I love her, ignore what they say about her she is not capable of this, you're my daughter she wouldn't dare. It's going to be alright

" I love you Carlisle " I kiss his cheek

" I love you to Elizabeth "
i snuggle closer into Carlisle's chest breathing in his enchanting sent, I fall asleep in his arms knowing I am safe.


Mias p.o.v

i watch the necromancer cry into Carlisles chest .
something about her seems sad,
as much as I want to trust her I can't she is just like Sapphire, I think back to her words,

"you're exactly alike" 

I can't help but feel some part of me knows she's right, I am like her .

i sigh and turn back to Sapphires grimmar I know deep down a tiny voice is telling me it's not her.

where are you sapphire I think to my self 

Help me!!!!

Sapphires voice is thick and heavy and screams in my head and I drop the glass of blood spilling it everywhere  . It's not her.

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