Immortal as I laid dying

Lizzy was late home one night from her friend bonnies it was dark and the stars were out . She started to walk home , when she meet her boyfriend in a alley she was left to die when a blonde male figure appeared over her ,
'please' I managed to move my lips.

Twilight fan fiction


7. I want you all of you and uncontrolled (rewritten)

I want you all of you


We walked back to Nicks entering the living room knowing we wasn't going to get any further. He pushed me on to the couch and started kissing me passionately. I fiddled with the buttons on his shirt , he shrugged it off and unzipped my blue cocktail dress. 
It fell to the floor and I kicked it away. He pulled me in by my waist and. Started kissing my neck. 

He bit in roughly and started sucking some of the blood that still flowed in my veins. I tried to do the same to him and he pushes me away. He looks at me his eyes dark and lusty. He looks me up and down and then pushes me into the wall with such force it leaves a dent. He kissed me our tongues fighting for dominance. 

I push him away and he lands into the glass table it smashed into pieces as under his stone cold skin. He growled at me but not an angry growl. 
It was the type of growl that said I want you so bad. He pins me to the wall knocking over the lamp and paintings. 
He made a swift move to unhook my bra , it falls to the floor. I blush feeling a bit self concious so I wrap my arms around myself trying to hide. 

Nick just laughs at me and grabs me around the waist spinning me around it makes me giggle. He sat me on his lap on the couch are bare chest touching. 

" Your wild " he growled. 
' Wild as the sea ' I whisper back and pressed my lips to his our tongues interlocked. This time it has a lot more passion. 
He pulled away ,

" Let's finnish this in my room " he says in his rough sexy voice. 
Before I could reply I was of the couch and in his arms. 
He throw me on the bed and pounces on top of me. 
He bit me making me give out childish giggles. Nick smiled as I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him closer to me. 
And ... 

I wake up in the morning the room was completely wrecked. 
I was surrounded in a dozen feathers. I looked around everything in the path of the bed was in pieces. I smiles and started laughing pulling feathers out of my hair. 
Times like this make you wonder , What the hell happened last night. 
The I smiled again remembering me and Nick curled on the sofa bare in each others hand. 

I then felt cold arms lock around me . 
" Morning beautiful " he whispered in my ears. He pulled his self sitting up and kissed my cheek. 
I giggled rolling over to kiss his lips. 
He laughed and pulled me into a sitting position. 
I smiled,
' Morning ' I said back. 

' s**t !! ' I said as I realised the time. 
" What's the matter " he asked. 
' I have to go home they will be. worried about me ' I said pulling my dress on and zipping it up. 
" Don't leave , please " he asked. 
' I have to I will be back later , I promise ' I said I leaned forward to kiss his lips. ' I promise ' I said walking out of the room. 

I ran out the back door towards the house. 

I entered through the glass back doors . Alice looked up but didn't ask where I had been she already knew she giggled at me. Emmett then walked through the door and started booming with laughter like Alice. 
" Look who's back , what were you doing all night discussing global warming " his booming laughter filled the room again. 

Esme and Carlisle laughed coming through the front door. Carlisle looked at me ,
" Lizzy " he said looking into my eyes. 
' Yes ' I answered
" I'm so very sorry for shouting at you , I just wanted you to not get your heartbroken. ". He said he smiled then added. 

"I thought how it would feel if someone was to not let me go near Esme . I wouldn't be able to live like that either ". He smiled again. 

' Carlisle you have nothing to apologise for you only meant good ' I smiled and walked over to him. 
He wrapped his arms around me. 
' Ok I'm going to have a shower , I won't be long ' I said as I walked up the stairs. 
I entered my room and into my closet to get dressed. I switched on the lights to find Renesmee in my walk in wardrobe. 
' Ow its just you Nessie ' I sighed. 

" I missed you auntie Lizzy , granddaddy was really worried when auntie Alice and uncle Jasper came home without you" she said. 
' I know I didn't want to worry him Nessie I will leave and disappear for days but I won't be far . I can't leave you all , your family ' I kissed her head and pulled on a new leaver jacket Alice brought me. 

I walked down stairs with Renesmee , she asked me questions like what happened at the party. I told her we danced around and had fun. Edward wouldn't of liked it if I said any more. 
Esme looked up at me as I walked into the living room. Renesmee bounced over to Bella. 

"So Lizzy now your powers have developed We wanted to know if you could get through my shield " Bella asked. 
She lead the way out side. Jasper and Emmett punched there fists together. They clearly had a bet. 


Bella walked into the garden and waited for me. She breathed and said she was putting up her shield. I leaned on the banisters on the porch lighting a flame in the palm of my hand. The flame was blue it was shielded with a whirl of wind. 
" Whoa " Emmett said examining the flame in my hand. 
I walked down the stairs and stood opposite Bella. 

" I'm ready for you " she declared. 
I'm smiled , I didn't want to use everything at first I just wanted to see if I could play with her mind. 
I concentrated on her face and aimed my attack I wasn't surprised to find it didn't work. She smiled and I hit her with a another attack this time I tried to brake down her skill by draining the energy out of Bella's skill. 
She frowned concentrating to hold up her shield I felt it straining. Then I hit her with everything. 
I put my hands together and then slowly pulling them apart to revel a blue ball of flames. I pulled the flames backwards and through it at her it hit her shield pushing her backwards. 

Edward stepped closer to Bella but I didn't let go I couldn't event when she collapsed. The power was addictive it felt so good letting it out but I had no control of it. I couldn't stop. 
" Mom " Renesmee called. 
" Elizabeth " Carlisle moved towards me " stop your going to kill her " he said looking from me to Bella. 
I tried , I tried to stop they must of noticed as they all watched. 

You don't want to do this I thought to my self. Bella's family I can't do this to her think of Renesmee , I thought. 
My teeth clenched together as I pulled the blue light back . It reacted and weakened I pushed my hands together containing the blue light. it didn't like it and it exploded and knocked me of my feet and into a tree. 
Carlisle jasper and Esme ran to see if I was ok. I couldn't open my eyes. I felt Carlisle's cold hands on my head then he listened for a minute , he scooped me up in his cool arms like he had done the night he found me. 

When my eyes opened I was on the sofa. 
' Bella ' I called out in panic. 
" I'm here " she called back. 
' I'm so sorry ' I said. I stood up to quickly and fell. Carlisle caught me. 
" Are you ok " Carlisle asked. 
' No my hands are burning ' I almost snarled at the pain . 
He flipped my hands over on each palm there was a blue rose. 

Carlisle frowned and looked up at me ,
" This is the sign of the 5th orignal vampire , her name was Sapphire Rose Mikealson. "
' Why have I got this mark ' I ask
" I don't know , coincidence maybe " 

' I couldn't stop whatever that was out there I-I' 
" Its ok lizzy powers are hard to keep control of. “ Carlisle said he was stroking his hands through my curls. 
I turned to face him. 
' You don't understand out there I wanted to hurt Bella ,' I winced at Bella's name and continued ' but I couldn't because of Nessie. Its addictive Carlisle , its like everything I have wants to be set free in one hit ' my voice was serious. 

Concern crossed Carlisle face. 
" Let me guess your not going to use them again? " he asked
' No I'm going to see a man who knows a lot.' Klaus's beautiful face filled my mind. 
" Your going to see him ? Now ? " He asked. 
I laughed and shook my head , ' later '
Carlisle smiled his brilliant smile and nodded . 

" Hey lizzy what do you want to do today ?" Emmett asked. 
' What do you want to do Emmett '
" Why don't you tell me what I want to do " he mutters. 
' I'm not getting paint in my hair ' I snarl. 
" Oww come on , paintballing will be fun "
' No it will not because I know that if were going to play you will cheat and put baking soda into the bottle and you will put to much in and it will explode '

Alice gasped ,
" How did you know that will happen" she asks. 
Everyone turns to face me,
' I didn't , but I did ' I frown confusion crossing my face. How did I know this? I ask myself. 
I quickly change the subject. 

' Carlisle who was Sapphire? Did you know her? What was she like? ' I smile at him. 
He sighed then answered, " yes I knew her very well. Sapphire is the 5th oldest vampire in the world , she is also my sire , she changed me. She had issues 'family issues' her father is the oldest vampire in the history of time ,her father killed her mother when she was six he killed her infront of Sapphire and has hunted her down since that day .her personality , Sapphire she was confusing , sad, lonely , out of control, her emotions ruled her but she was also smart , kind , funny and beautiful. She was one of the best people I ever met she made us what we are , she didn't agree with killing another creature , not event to defend her self. That's why she's dead Klaus found her had killed her ." He looked up into my eyes. It was only then that I realise tears were streaming down my cheeks. I shook my head , My Klaus killed his own daughter it doesn't make sense. 

Carlisle wiped the tears away but they still flowed down my cheeks. Was he a monster ? My klaus ? The loving , gentle person that I knew , loved and trust. 
" I'm sorry " Carlisle apologised. He put his arm around my shoulders as I weep to myself. As I sit there I think. And I think. I finally come to a conclusion. 

It doesn't matter what he's done in the past. That strange fucked man loves me. And I love him to its the future that counts , but I will ask him about this. 
The tears stopped flowing. I turned to face Carlisle. 
' Its not your fault , you don't need to apologise. ' I smile weakly at him. 
And he smiles back. 

Carlisle looks into my eyes and sighs ,
" You know now your eyes are blue its hard to tell when you need to hunt " she chuckled for a moment then stared down into my eyes. 
' Do you think Klaus will know why I have these marks. And if he does should I tell him , you said it was the mark of Sapphire , so , they must be their for a reason ' I hesitated. 'Carlisle what would you do ' I ask. 

He paused to think, " I would go to him " he said , then added " you have to find out what these marks mean they might be dangerous , go to him" his last three words were more of a command than a suggestion. 
Silence filled the room. 
' Thank you ' I said as I raised to leave. I hugged both Esme and Carlisle. Emmett caught me at the door sweeping me into a bear hug. 

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