Immortal as I laid dying

Lizzy was late home one night from her friend bonnies it was dark and the stars were out . She started to walk home , when she meet her boyfriend in a alley she was left to die when a blonde male figure appeared over her ,
'please' I managed to move my lips.

Twilight fan fiction


11. Daddy

'Carlisle ' I. Call coming through the door with my shopping bags.

" I'm here " he smiles and kisses my cheek. " Where's NicKlaus"

' Out being manipulative and evil most likely '' I smile at him.

"You've been shopping " Carlisle notes.

'Um...yeah we needed a few things. ' I give him my most innocent smile.

" You mean you went out and brought things to replace the stuff you and NiKlaus broke " I blush under my ice cold skin. Carlisle raises and eyebrow and smirks, Carlisle smirking that is so unlike him.

" Its ok me and Esme had to replace seven walls last time its nothing to a few vases and pillows ". He smiles. "Is there anything you want to know? "

'What? ' His question confuses me.

" Is there anything you wanted to know about being intimate with another vampire ? "

I can't believe he's asking me this I struggle to keep a giggle escape my lips.

'No thank you Carlisle not at the moment but if I think of something I will ask. ' if my skin wasn't as pale as a sheet I would be red from head to toe by now.

He walks away as a question plays in my mind.


"Yes Elizabeth "

' I was wonder, why is it when were ' I sigh forgetting the words. 
'well you know.  why do my Fangs come out? '

"You want to know why your fangs come out when your turned on ? "

I blush and nod.

" Its apart of what you do you " he stops and thinks of his wording. "Want him and you want him so badly your fangs draw-out. " He looks to the ground. " Is there anything else? "

'Emm...please do not tell anyone we had this conversation '. 

He laughs , "of course not LizzyBear"



"Lizzy " Carlisle calls.

' I'm here ' I blush remembering this mornings conversation. 

"I was thinking maybe we should spend sometime together.  It has come to my attention that I don't know you that well my daughter. " I can hear what's left of his italian accent when he speaks like this.

' You want to spend time together?'

"What do you want to do? "

' What do you want to do ? '

" Baseball? " He grins at me.

' I'm up for that any day '.


We reach the filed with Alice bowling Emmett and the others fielding and Esme watching we begin the game.

Rose hits the ball at the same time as the thunder.  Emmett and Jasper Disappear in the rain.

I only know Roses out when I catch the Ball before she reaches me.

' Sorry Rose ' I kiss her cheek and she smiles at me.

" Your turn ".

I take the bat from her and stand in the invisible box.

Alice launches the ball at me and I whack it a good 10 miles.

I woosh around all bases and reach the station before Carlisle has the ball 

" Well done Lizzy for your first time you've got quite a hit. Did you play as a human?"

I look through my dull human memories and find me and what looks like a school team.

' I think I use to be on the school baseball team ' I smile at him.


Later that evening we all come back in a joyful mood.
I and Carlisle go for a walk,

"Can you tell me anything else about your human life LizzyBear? " Carlisle asks when we are alone.

' My parents died in a animal attack in italy , you might know the place, Volterra ? '

Carlisle looks at me stunned,
" Are you sure they went missing in volterra? "

' Defiantly although there body's were never found '

" I wouldn't of thought them to be "

' What do you mean by that ? '

" I mean I think they had a run in with the volturi. "

' Who are the volturi? Carlisle I don't understand '

" The volturi are a very old and powerful family. There like the kings of the vampire world. "

' But surely Nick is there king, he's the oldest vampire in the history of time '

" Yes Nick if there king and that makes you the queen of the vampire world "

' Me Elizabeth Carlisle Cullen the queen of the vampire world ' I laugh at the thought.


" And a might fine queen you will make."  I jump at the voice.
Nick saunters over to where we stand.
" As for the volturi they've got nothing on me " he dusts of his shoulders in the only way Nick can he grins at me. "Hey" he says and kisses me on the cheek. " Good evening Carlisle its nice to see you again "

" Its a pleasure to see you to NicKlaus"

" So you was talking about the volturi"

' Emm yes ' I blush and look down.

" I don't like it when you do that " Nick lifts my chin up so my eyes met his.

" Me either" Carlisle adds " your always so shy Lizzy "

" I agree we should get her drunk Emmett said all she did was talk before she passed out " Carlisle smiles at me.
Ow my I think to myself what have I said.
They both take in my reaction and start giggling like buffoons.

" He said you had a dream that he turned fruit into vampire zombie fruit and had them attach Jasper and then you had to throw the 'vampire fruit'/army of loyal minions at Jasper when they didn't attack " Carlisle and Nick are laughing so hard they can speak.

I look around something moves in the trees. I step closer. Somebody is  watching us.

' Carlisle. '

They notice the fear and seriousness in my voice and quit laughing.

' Somebody is watching us '.

They both growl protectively and step closer to me.

I see a slash of claws blood and then the forest.
I reach up and touch my cheek where claw mark cut into my face.
Three cuts.
I examine the blood on my hand what ever did this didn't like me and is no where to be seen. 

I am aware of voices asking me if I'm ok,

" Elizabeth, Elizabeth can you hear me? "

" Lets take her inside " Nick suggests.

I am being pulled inside with Nick and Carlisle either side of me.


" Omg Elizabeth what happened.  Elizabeth , Elizabeth". Esme repeats my name and then turns to Carlisle.
" Can she hear me? , what happened?"

" I don't know I thinks she's gone into shock. "

" Sit her down , Carlisle go and get something to clean the blood. "

Carlisle back and wiping the blood I watch the memory of what ever attacked me over and over.


" Edward what's she thinking about son ".

" Eyes Bright and blue in the tree ".

" Its not healing " Carlisle says to Nick

" Let me see " warm fingers touch my cheek "Lizzy can you hear me ".

" She's thinking about you " Edward informs Nick.


Nick turns my face to the side. And traces the claw marks I wince.

" Iv these before , its was done by a werewolf. Or a hybrid"

Her words come back to me.
' This isn't over ' I repeat her words

" Lizzy what do you mean by that " Carlisle asks.

' That's what she said. This isn't over '

" Who Elizabeth I don't know what your talking about. "


' Sapphire. She's back '

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