Immortal as I laid dying

Lizzy was late home one night from her friend bonnies it was dark and the stars were out . She started to walk home , when she meet her boyfriend in a alley she was left to die when a blonde male figure appeared over her ,
'please' I managed to move my lips.

Twilight fan fiction


5. blood and him


My first day as a vampire didn't go well I hurt Seth , smashed the windows and beat up my older brothers. But I have to admit that was funny. I walk throw the forest to the nearest bar Carlisle said vodka would help with the cravings for blood. 

I took a seat at the bar and ordered three shots of vodka I noticed from the corner of my eye a handsome stranger staring at me , I didn't look at him afraid I would catch his eye. 
So I got up and took the back exit out which lead to an alleyway. I heard footsteps behind me. He was following me. I walked faster throw the alley , he also picked up the pace. 
He was following me. 

Carlisle never told me what to do in these situations. I hesitated and before I knew it I was pinned to the wall. 
I didn't want to hurt him by killing him because that would hurt Carlisle. So I played along with the strangers plan waiting for a chance to run. 

He looked me up and down I looked away from him , I didn't want to look at him. He saw this movement and put his hand under my chin forcing me to look into his eyes. He was beautiful. 

' What do you want from me ' I asked crying. He didn't answer. 
He pushed his lips to mine I stood emotionless. Part of me wanted to kiss the beautiful stranger back , but I stood there. 

" My names damon , " he left a long pause " and I'm going to drink your blood " he was a vampire. 

He then opened his mouth revealing a set of fangs. I didn't want to hurt him I chanted in my head think of Carlisle I thought. 
He was about to make me his dinner but then he was off me pinned to the floor by another

handsome stranger. 

' Who are you ' I asked my patience was gone if he hurt me I was going to rip his head of. 
" I'm Klaus and its ok your going to be fine young vampire ". He smiled at me 
And I smiled back. 

I felt faint after what happened my vision started to blur I saw Klaus run over to me and scoop me up. Everything went dark. 

I laid there with my eyes shut , I couldn't get up I felt so weak I thought I was dying but I'm a vampire I can't die. 

Just then something delicious touched my lips it was warm , delicious and left me wanting more . It was so delicious it could only be one thing. Blood. 

I slowly opened my eyes expecting to be in the big open Cullen house. But were I was , was not the Cullen house. I looked down at my self and around. 
There I laid in a satin bed the light shining through the open windows. 
And there at the side of me sat the man who rescued me Klaus. 

I looked at him and smiled , he smiled back. I sat up and looked at him there was something I had to say , he looked at me waiting for me to speak
' Thank you ' I muttered. 
Then I looked at the item in his hand. It was a glass bottle full of human blood. The smell of it lingered in the air it drew me in. Klaus saw my reaction to the bottle and handed it to me. I hesitated as I looked at it . I wanted it but the thought of Carlisle being disappointed crossed my mind. 

Klaus put the bottle on the side next to me and looked at me ,
" What is your name young one " 
' Elizabeth but please call me Lizzy ' I smiled. 
" How long have you been a vampire my dear Lizzy "
' A day ' I said as I looked into his eyes it wasn't just the blood I wanted I wanted him. He watched me carefully probably guessing what I was thinking . I read his mind he felt the same , he gave me an evil smile and then he yanked me up out of bed onto his lap. He kissed me on my forehead down to my chin. He paused at my mouth. I leant forwards and pushed my lips passionately to his. 
"Iv been waiting three days for this " he muttered as he kissed my neck. 
I pulled away to look at him. 

' Iv been out three day ' I gasped in shock ' my family will be worried about me I must get back '

Klaus looked at my expression ,
" Drink some blood then you are free to come and go as you please my Lizzy" he said as he kissed my head again. 
I climbed of his lap and stood next to the cabinet I picked up the bottle and took a mouthful I wanted more but I was able to but the bottle down I walked over and but my shoes on the lightly put a comb throw my hair. I turned to look at Klaus who still stood next to my bed. He blow me a kiss as I left. 

I ran throw the forest at full speed I slowed when I reached the house. I slowly tiptoed inside the house I walked into my room it was pitch black I was happy the Cullens hadn't herd me I switched on the lights and jumped out of my skin as there stood 8 furious vampires and little Renesmee. 

Carlisle looked furious . I looked at the floor and waited for there questions and yelling





" were was you , we was worried sick "Esme shouted . Emmet laughed and mumbled something unintelligent . Carlisle was walking backward and forwards on the same spot. ' I-I didn't hurt anyone ' I mumbled Carlisle stopped to look at me. " tell me everything that happened young lady" Esme said in a smooth but furious voice. ' well I felt bad about Seth , so I got over it the normal human way I went to a bar. Then this guy started following me so I ran , it turned out he was a vampire. It was weird . Then he came , he saved me. He looked after me for three days. That stupid Damon drugged me'

" wait he was helping you " Esme asked.

I nodded and looked down. ' sorry but the guy that helped me, well I sort of trusted him as soon as I meet him like I really I could put my life in his hands and wait, I did ' I smiled

" what do you mean you put your life in his hands " Jasper asked silently from the corner.

' Jasper , did you ever think I was rejecting the transition '

" what !" Esme and Carlisle gasped at the same time.

' yes apparently it's almost impossible to turn a witch' I looked up at Carlisle.

" then how did he , help you " Esme asked

' well it turns out I'm dating the oldest vampire in the history of time , you might know of him his names Klaus ' they all turned to glare at me as I said his name.

Carlisle came and sat beside me , he looked at Esme, she nodded he turned back to me .

" Elizabeth , I need you to stop seeing that man " he looked into my eyes as he said this.

' No ' I almost shouted I stood up and walked to the door .

' to think I didn't drink the blood he gave me , to think I didn't hurt anyone' I paused looking straight at Carlisle ' I did that for you '. I opened the door and ran out the big house into the forest.

I stopped at the territory line . A giant wolf appered, ' Seth ' I smiled ' your ok '. He gave smiled a wolfie Seth like smile. ' can I cross your territory Seth please I'm in a rush to get somewhere' He smiled and howled , seconds later he nodded his giant head at me. I smiled as I ran through the woods.



I entered the sho and took the invite from my pocket . It read, Dear my darling Lizzy , save me a dance at the masked ball , Klaus xx I smiled as I tried on hundreds of gowns , this is going to be a long day I thought to my self

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