Immortal as I laid dying

Lizzy was late home one night from her friend bonnies it was dark and the stars were out . She started to walk home , when she meet her boyfriend in a alley she was left to die when a blonde male figure appeared over her ,
'please' I managed to move my lips.

Twilight fan fiction


3. A new me

I don't know how and I don't know why but I now found my self in the most terrifying place imaginable .
It was big and neon pink the Walls had flicks of other neon colours like up one wall there was a splash of neon green like someone had throw the tinn at the wall . As I stood there in the humongus closert I looked around there were rack after rack after racks of blue clothing bags .
Alice giggled beside me Esme behind her keeping an eye on me .
" you are trying to kill me " I muttered through my clenched teeth, as Alice presented me with a bag with a very stylish blue knee length dress inside it had a small necklace on the hanger which I now recognised as the Cullen chrest , like the one Alice wore around her neck .
" please , you will look beautiful " Alice begged me I took the bag and stepped inside a small changing room built into the room when I had the dress and necklace on a small pair of silver shoes heels were slipped under my door ' now she is pushing it ' I couldn't help think to my self . I brushed throw my bouncy brown curls that hung to my waist I stared at the beautiful angle in the mirror this was no way me. I heard someone clear there throat, defiantly Alice .
" ok I'm coming out " I said I unlocked the door and took two deep breaths and stepped out of the door.
Alice and Esme beamed as they looked at me , I couldn't help smile back . Alice ran up and hugged me , I found my self hugging her back . As we walked down stairs Emmett and Jasper were in the middle of a sentence .
" but Jazz she's too tamed " Emmett said to his brother
" you don't want to push he-" he didn't finish his words as he looked up at me I raised one of my eyebrows at him to show I really wasn't in the mood .

Carlisle smiled as he greeted me he hugged me then Esme then he turned back to me.
" umm what should we call you in the mean time , I have some questions for you " Carlisle asked
" I don't- " I was interrupted by a phone and a squealing Alice jumped on the spot clapping .
" OMG my Elizabeth Arden shoes have arrived " she said trying to calm her self down .
" Elizabeth " I mumbled out loud . My memories of my last moment as a human replayed in my head ' Lizzy baby were have you been ' Lizzy I thought to my self Lizzy short for Elizabeth.

Carlisle looked at me ,
" Elizabeth "
" yes , my name is Elizabeth but call me Lizzy " I smiled at him almost proud of my self .
" Lizzy Cullen " he said beaming
I liked the sound of my name then someones thoughts went through my head Esme's thoughts . ' my mothers name was Elizabeth ' she thought I looked at her not replying she smiled warmly at me and I returned it .

Carlisle cleared his throat I turned my attention back to him ,
" Lizzy when you found out you was a vampire you did something I don't understand something iv never seen a vampire do , you cried the tears rolled down you cheeks it was almost hard to believe how did you do that " his voice was very confused
" I was thinking about being a vampire the lives I would ruin the lives I would take , I felt completely and utterly alone " i said to Carlisle a tear in my eye " why can't vampires cry"
" Lizzy vampires can't cry there bodies are to cold the tears are already ice before they can reach the eyes , and you are not alone you have us we are you family now you could consider me a father to you if you want " he smiled almost embarrassed by the last part .
I smiled ,
" will I meet your other family members you said about someone called Edward Bella and Renesmee "
" there on there way to meet you there nearly here " i looked at him then the window were four figures appeared , one smaller than the rest .

We all walked out to greet them I stood to the back Carlisle had his arm around me . I noticed one of the two males defiantly wasn't a vampire he had olive skin and deep brown eyes and blakish brown hair and he smelled , it was repulsive like a wet dog he walked behind the little girl who guessed was Renesmee . Jasper looked at me noticing the change in my mood I lend towards him ,
" I think someone needs a bath " I whispered in his ear he burst into laughter Emmett Rose and
Alice echoing his laughter .jasper shook his head grinning to his self,
" don't worry he's just a werewolf ,well kind of '" he whispered back I smiled as Carlisle took me over to meet the rest of his family.

I approached another male he had the same golden eyes pale skin as the rest of the Cullens he
had bronze blonde hair I shook his hand ,
" hey I'm Edward this is my wife Bella and my daughter Renesmee " I shook Bella's hand , I crouched down and was about to shake Renesmee's hand but she reached up to my cheek and put a question into my head it was hard to explain how it happened it's was just there .
She asked me who I was
" I'm Lizzy , it's very nice to meet you Renesmee " we smiled at each other .
Bella had a thought ' please not Emmett hang around her that much she's a nice girl she doesn't need Emmett giving her a bad example' .

" strange I all was thought Emmett had a playful Fun impression " I said she looked up at me I smiled.
" you read my mind that's impossible , I-'m I'm a shield you can't do that "she said with a shocked tone to her voice .
" I'm sorry it's kinda hard to control " I mumbled.

Carlisle smiled " we should continue this conversation inside and Lizzy I'm sure Edward will help you with controlling your powers " he smiled at me .
I was so existed I didn't realise the small patch of wild flowers that grew were I stood I jumped
back the flowers forming on my new spot . Carlisle smiled a confused smiled as they grew to my knees ' great ' I thought ' another crazy power I have to handle ' .
" I am the freak of nature , the bringer of flowers" I picked a small rose and watched it turn into an elegant bouquet of over 100 white and pink roses. They all chuckled to themselves I walked
over to Alice and handed he the flowers as she thought of putting them into a vase , i was sure Alice would know what to do with 100 roses.
We all walked in the wolf following behind .Alice skipped if to find her favourite crystal vase .
Although Carlisle said the wolf Jacob was no threat I didn't trust him one bit he had the same thoughts about me he was almost scared of me .
I walked over to Emmett ,
" hey Em , you want to play a trick on wolfie " i said as i gestured to him we giggled as we took his shoes from near the door and meat from the freezer .
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