Immortal as I laid dying

Lizzy was late home one night from her friend bonnies it was dark and the stars were out . She started to walk home , when she meet her boyfriend in a alley she was left to die when a blonde male figure appeared over her ,
'please' I managed to move my lips.

Twilight fan fiction


2. a new beginning


Pain and burning I could feel the flames ,I wanted someone to kill me the pain was agonizing. The flames ripped up my throat , my whole body was on fire and if event it was possible the flames grew hotter I could of screamed out for someone to kill me but I keep it in for some reason I couldn't explain I thought it was the right thing to do.
As a relief the flames began to cool in my lower body slowly working its way to the top , but the flames in my throat didn't cool they spread out and stayed.

I felt different my hearing was becoming clearer , I could hear someone playing the piano from down stairs it was a soft lullaby. There was a baseball game on the tv the boston red socks was winning.
Then a powerful smell from down stair cleared everything the smell was delicious , mouth , watering I couldn't help wriggling my nose at the smell it was so beautiful.
Then I heard some voices some I didn't recognise ,
" Bella take Renesmee away from here she's waking up " the voice was beautiful like velvet like the voice of an angle I must of died and gone to heaven.
Another beautiful voice cut in this time it was a female and high pitched ,
" That would best Bella , she will be ready in about three minutes , she's becoming easier to see now Carlisle , maybe to easy "
"thank you Alice , bring Jasper and Emmett and the rest of the family please ". 

I was calm and still , my heartbeat was strong , I felt strong .
My eyes snapped open the air was beautiful  the dust swirling around in the air. 
I snapped up and found myself sat in the corner looking up at seven strangers there expressions were unreadable.  Then I was approached by a male blonde who I remembered from my past his face was blurred but now I saw him he was beautiful.
He had pale white skin honey blonde hair that sat above his ears , his eyes were beautiful mixed shades of amber and gold he was an angle.
He continued to approach me he was about 2 feet from me when suddenly he got to close , out of no were came a harsh feral hiss two big males were at his side in an instance . I looked around to see were it came from but the seven strangers stared back it took me a moment to realise that hiss had come from me.

The blonde male named Carlisle took another steep towards me and crouched down to were I sat.
" What have you done to me " I almost choked on the word my hands cupped my throat.
" I know its hard to believe but your alright , its fine your going to be ok"his words sang into my ears they were more reassuring than a explanation.
My hands dropped from my throat I nodded at him accepting the fact I might be ok after all and I wasn't dead and stood up from my corner . Another blonde male looked at Carlisle and frowned. I also frowned not understanding what was going on , there conversation was not verbal but I could hear it there lips did not part but I could hear them they was talking but not talking almost as if I could read there thoughts. They continued to glance I watched with confusion as I heard there conversation. After a few minuets the strange blonde man asked a question
' Is she safe to be around with Renesmee around. " He looked Carlisle in the eyes. I stood and thought why would I be un safe to be around , I never hurt any one I'm not a bad person ,I have to know why . I spoke again ,
" Why am I unsafe to be around "
The seven people stared at me in disbelief.  Then a female peered around a tall muscular brunette male.
She was slightly short she had soft brown hair , soft pale skin and golden eyes in fact they all had golden eyes.
She walked towards me the brunette male stepped forward giving her a warning glance he might of been Jasper or Emmett I heard Carlisle say. Earlier she looked at him and he steeped out of her way.
She. Continued to walk towards me . She now stood inches from my face she placed her hand on my cheek ' I'm sorry she thought ' walking towards Carlisle and leaning into his chest.

" What is your name dear " Carlisle asked me.
For anyone this would of been easy but I had to think I stood there trying to remember but I couldn't.
" I...I don't remember " I stuttered I wanted to burst out into tears how could I not know my own name .
"Who are you " I asked in my low shy voice.
" I'm Carlisle cullen this is my wife Esme and my children Alice and Jasper and this is Rosalie and Emmett there's also Edward and his wife Bella and there daughter Renesmee " he said gesturing to each of his children.
I smiled at Emmett's thoughts ' wow she looks like she's going to be a wild one '. They began to look at me,

" Why are you laughing "  Carlisle asked
" Emmett " I said his name was nice it had kind of and edge to it
" Emmett didn't say anything " Carlisle looked at me his expression looked kind of concerned I frowed and looked at the floor.

Esme stepped forward ,
" Don't you all see , she does the same as Edward , she can hear are thoughts" Esme said her voice was beautiful.
Then another short brunette approached me I remembered her name was Alice she skipped towards me without hesitation she kissed my cheek ,
" I'm Alice were going to be like sisters but first you need something to wear " she said I remembered her voice.
I looked down at what I was wearing , I was wearing a pair of black tights short denim shorts a orange top the flowed above shorts and a white cardigan I looked at the cardigan and my outfit there was blood stains all down my clothing . I frowned ,
" Were did all this blood come from"
They all looked at me then Jasper finally answered my question ,
" You was in a car crash , it was fatal you nearly died"
I looked at him ,
" Don't lie to me I know your lying and if I was in an accident why am I not event bruised "
" Because you got out " he was nearly shouting.
I was very angry I couldn't control it I had him pinned to the wall , I looked him in the eyes and gasped at what I was seeing.
' I saw images if him and Alice they was sitting in a living room,  Alice gasped and Jasper disappeared he was back in seconds . Alice had a pen and paper she was drawing a alleyway and a girl lying on the floor covered in blood she was surrounded by men it was only till I saw Alice draw the face I realised that girl was me  . I saw Carlisle. Run into the big house with me in his arms me ran with me up stairs and placed me on the table. My neck moved slightly to the side to reveal a large bite mark on my neck. These seven people weren't people they was vampires. ' 
I gasped again backing away from Jasper I had scene his memories . A tear rolled down my check .

Carlisle stepped forward to comfort me I jumped at I don't know why I was scared of this man he saved my life but the thought of me being a vampire scared me.
Carlisle pulled me into an embrace I rested my head on his shoulder tears marking his blue shirt ' I never wanted this ' I said as I cried into his shoulder

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