Stand Up

Nina is the shy one, she barely talks at school,only to her friends. But she's always had crazy ideas well this idea was crazier from all her other stunts. What happens when the inspiration from this crazy idea, comes for a little visit. Little did she know that this crazy idea of hers was probably the best. Or will her insecurity get the best of her.


4. The Crazy Idea

We've been in London for a week already, and we are ready for our plan. If you thought that my plan was to just come to London, damn are you wrong. You see, I've always had this dream, and now I'm finally putting it to action!

We were walking in the mall, looking for a place to buy braces,(suspenders) a wig and TOMS. I already had the pants and the shirt, so when we finally got the things we went back to out glorious hotel to changed. I went into our bathroom, it was huge! It had one of those jacuzzi/bath shower things and had a big mirror on the wall above the white marble sink. I got ino my red skinny jeans buttoning and zipping them up. Then I clipped my white bra on so I could wear my white shirt white shirt with blue stripes going horizontal across my torso and down. I clipped the braces one the front and back of the jeans, and let them hang going passed my butt. I grabbed my TOMS and tied them tight, hoping they won't go loose. I snatched a bag from the marble counter, and opened it up, revieling a wig and a hairnet. So I scrunched up my hair and put it on top of my head then placed the hair net on top. Then I carefully placed the wig on and securred it with bobbypins. Then I grabbed a comb and lighting combed it looking like the real thing. I was almost one when I remembered I had to put contacts in do I took my abstract glasses off and gently picked up a little colored bubble and placed In my right eye. It stung at first so I blinked four times and picked up another bubble and placed it in. When I was finished I had bright blue eyes with a tint of green. Who knew colored contacts could look so realistic?
When I came out of the bathroom, I saw Syan wearing blazers and a white t-shirt,and as I walked over to the bed to see her better, she had but on a blackish blueish tuxedo top.
"Yo, help me put this bowtie on." She exstructed, so I did as she commanded. I grabbed the bowtie and put it over her head and after fastening it, I adjusted it.
"Perfect," I said, looking over my work. She nodded and looked in the mirror. The she grabbed the hairnet and handed it to me. I scrunched up her fluffy hair and wrapped the hairnet around it. Then I put her fluffy, curly hair wig on her head and securred it with bobbypins just like I did with mine. After that I wondered what would happen if she flips her hair.
"Hey, can you do "The Hair Flip"?" I air-quoted. She shrugged and tried, talking out load to herself.
"Tilt, hit, shake..." She mumbled to her self while tilting, hitting and shaking her wig then she used her left hand to brush the front part on the hair to the right. The she looked at me and winked with her fake green eyes.
"Yup," I said popping the p. "your ready you cheeky little thing." She just winked, and did this little dance. She took her left hand and put it on her hips and pushed them right and she also had her right hand on her rib cage pushing to the left, alternating each time. After that she got her things and called a taxi. When the taxi got there we put some bouncers on, I put on a plain black bouncer, while Syan put on a purple Jack Wills bouncer. We threw the hood over our heads and headed outside to wait for the taxi.

When we finally arrived, we thanked the driver and payed him. We stood outside the biggest mall we ever saw. I gulped, and apperantly Syan heard me and squeezed my hand then said, "Cant turn around now," and running up to the door and holding it open for me saying, "Boobears first." In her best, deep, seductive, brittish voice. "Thank you my carrot prince." Putting on a high pitched brittish accent, and laughed whist walking into the mall. Damn was it busy. People of every shapes and sizes zoomed back and forth roaming around the gigantic mall. We went to look at the mall's map to find the middle of it all. We found it and took a mini map as well. We went searching every where for it, when we saw a group of girls screaming in a one direction store running around like animals I laughed so loud they all looked in our direction. Their jaws dropped, staring at us wide eyed. "uh oh" I muttered before they came chasing us like they were a cereal killers and we were the victims. We ran and ran but I knew we wouldn't last long. God,did they have a LOT of energy. Since we didn't know the mall we kept running around being chased and the more we ran the more people started joining. As we were running I tripped over my own shoe-I thought I tied them good?- and bagged into someone's chest.
"Oh, there you are Boobear, I've been looking for you, thought you'd be buying carrots." The mystery guy let out a chuckle, that sounded familiar. I looked up to meet his green eyes staring down at my own confused. "why are you looking at me like that- wait, your not Louie, who are you?" But before I could answer the fans caught up to us and the guy pulled us aside where him and me stayed. I was still breathing hard, but managed to forced a smile, " thanks," I muttered, then coughed as my heart raced so loudly I couldn't hear myself think. Then I realized Syan hadn't been talking so I looked around to find her. Don't say.
"Have you seen my friend?" I asked worried, did I loose her in the crowd. He noticed this and put a hand on my back.
"Calm down love, I called the other boys and she's with them, I stayed here, for when you calmed down." He explained. Other boys? What was he talking about. Wait how long have I been here, like this?
"How long have we been here?"
"Not long bout five min." Five minutes!! Oh my god,I must look like a freak. I looked up a him then saw it. His curly brown hair all messed up, his breath talking green eyes, and his crooked smile we all love. No Im seeing things.
"Who are you?" I asked, waiting to know if I was going crazy. He looked at me shocked then smirked.
"The question is, who are you?" His deep, brittish accent hypnotized me. I was right.
"N-Nina, and your H-Harry right?" it all made sense. Thinking I was THE LOUIE, and 'the other boys'. Wow and I just sat there like an idiot all confused and, shit. He was looking me up and down, as I took it in.
"Now Nina, why do you look like my best friend?" he said with some cockiness in his beautiful voice. I smiled at the ground as my cheeks burned, turning red.
"it's a long story," I told him hoping he would drop it but he just smirked.
"I've it all day" He said and winked. Lair. He probably had many things to do but yet he chose to listen to my crazy idea which was pretty stupid, might I add.
"Shouldn't we meet up with the others, they kinda have my friend." as I said it I thought of her reaction, jaw dropped, wide eye, fan girling inside just like those girls chasing us. He seemed to have caught on how I changed the subject.
"Fine, but you owe me an explanation Boobear." I laughed as he put his arm around my shoulder. I froze, was this really happening, hell no, I'm dreaming in my house after school thinking about what Bianca said, "Still drooling over One Direction I see? Your just lucky enough to have a poster stare at you with out burning up." Then her high pitched bitchy laugh rang through my ears. Oh yeah bitch, then why does Harry Styles have his arm around me? I couldn't help putting a smile on my face. Reality snaped back to me when he shook my shoulder.
"I asked you a question, NINA!" his accent sounded so cute when he said my name. I considered being silent so he could say it again, but didnt want to piss him off so I answered.
"What?" He stopped in his tracks when I said that. He grabbed my shoulders so I could face him.
"I said, What...Are...You...Smiling...About?" Talking to me very slowly. I shook my head. "Nothing" I muttered with a smile, while staring at the ground. I could feel my cheeks turning red. He dropped it and continue to walk but shortly stopped. I looked up to be standing in front of Nandos.
"What are we doing here?" I was all confused I thought we were going to meet the boys, and according to the sign near the door, it was closed today.
"Were meeting the boys and your friend." I was still so confused.
"But it's closed..." He just chuckled and smirked down at me. Him with smirking... STOP IT BEFORE I EXPLODE!!!!
"It's our anniversary today, and Niall insisted on renting out Nandos for the day." Again he chuckled. We stood near the door while he opened it for me with keys. We stepped in to see five pairs of eyes staring at us.
"NINA!!!!!" Syan said running up to me. She had her arms spread like she was trying to fly and tackled me into a huge hug. And the boys just laughed at us. Again I started to blush. What is it with me blushing today. I looked Syan up and down. She now had her REAL hair out, and was wearing her own clothes. I realized I must look stupid dressed up as Louis. I saw Syan was handing me a bag.
"Uhh.. Imma go change." I turned to Harry. "can you show me where the bathroom is?" He nodded and showed me to the lou. I went inside while he went back to the boys. I first took out the contacts and put my glasses on. Then took out ALL of the bobbypins so I could take off my wig. I let my air down as I brushed it then put it in a loose ponytail. Then I remembered I had forgot to get new clothes so I just took the braces off and untucked the shirt out of the pants. I threw the hairnet, the wig and the braces in the bag. Brushing my curly bangs then shaking them a bit, I walked out to see Syan and the boys talking. They looked up when I came out.
"I thought you were going to change?" Harry asked. I looked over to Louis and saw him looking me up and down. He smirked.
"I see someone's a fan, isnt that right Kevin?" Louis held up a bird from his seat I laughed and blushed. Todays gonna be a LONG day.
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