Stand Up

Nina is the shy one, she barely talks at school,only to her friends. But she's always had crazy ideas well this idea was crazier from all her other stunts. What happens when the inspiration from this crazy idea, comes for a little visit. Little did she know that this crazy idea of hers was probably the best. Or will her insecurity get the best of her.


6. Just A Kiss

"Com'on you lovebirds your wasting daylight!" Lou practically screamed at us. We both looked at each other then looked away. I felt my cheeks get warm. Damn this guy can make me blush. We headed over to the table and sat down. We we were seated Harry's thigh was brushing against mine, sending me some more chills down my spine.
"So.. What are we going to do?" Syan spoke up, I think this is the first time she spoke to all of us yet. I even forgot she was there. We all looked at each other thinking of things to do. When Louis started bouncing up and down in his seat. We looked at him questioningly waiting for an answer.
"Amusement park, amusement park!!!" He shouted on the top of his lungs. I swear by tomorrow I will be deaf. We all agreed and tried to plan how we were going to leave.
"Uh we can split up, and go in two different cars, three in Harry's and four in mine." Lou suggested. We all agreed and Harry and Lou got to pick their 'team'.
"Liam," Team Boobear
"Nina," Team Hazza
"Zayn," Team Boobear
"Niall," Team Hazza
"Rock, paper, shoots, for Syan." Lou said.
"Your on," They closed their fist and three time before opening it. Harry had paper, and Lou had a gun, pointing at Harry. Harry put his hands up, as if surrendering.
"I give up, take her!" Harry shouted. Syan was smiling ear to ear, she really enjoyed them fighting over her. Niall just cracked up laughing. I looked over at him. He had his hands on his stomach as if to keep it from exploding and his face was red, he reminded me of a strawberry, and he did that thing where he scrunched up him face squeezing his eyes and wrinkling his nose. I laughed at his reaction, he could make anyone laugh, just by laughing. We separated into our teams and headed off. We both left Nandos, Team Boobear going left, Team Hazza going right. Harry and Niall lifted up their hoods, Niall doing so while eating chips (fries). Then Harry put his arm around my shoulders pulling me in close to him. I was shocked at first then I got real comfty resting in his side. Boy did I just want him even closer to me. Stop it Nina, he doesn't feel the same it's worthless. I frowned at that thought. We made it out the door in one piece, thankfully, and made our way to Harry's car. We hoped inside, Harry driving, me in the passengers seat and Niall in the back.
"Don't make a mess Niall!" Harry demanded. I just chuckled under my breath. We drove and drove untill I heard a 'err err com in Team Hazza are you there?' I looked at harry and he picked up his phone.
"I'm here Boobear were on the highway right now bout you?" God, his deep, accent was so sexy. Lou said something but I couldn't hear him. Harry just nodded and put the phone down.
"What was that bout?" I asked soundin casual. I looked at me and shook his head.
"Nothing Lou just wants us to wait for him if we are there first." I new that wasn't it, but I dropped it.
"So tell me about your self." I thought about what to say.
"Nothing really, I'm 18, I go to Berkly Regional High, umm.. I don't know what ya wanna know bout me?" besides the fact I'm ugly, fat, and SOOOOOO not your type.
"You do any sports?"
"Yea. I do karate," His face looked shocked. He looked at me.
"Really so you could probably beat me up?" He said his voice filled with cockiness.
"Hell no, I can DEFINITALLY beat you up!" I said at him and playfully punched his arm. He glared at me rubbing his arm and looked hurt.
"Ow that hurt, I surrender." Uh, what a baby. I laughed and looked out the window. I saw tons of people in line.
"uh, Harry how are we supposed to get in?" I asked confused. He just drove up into a parking spot after he payed the parking/entering fine. He got out and walked on the other side and opened my door. I looked up at him. "thank you" I nodded and wait till Niall came out. Again Harry wraped his arm around me making me feel safe. We got to the front of the line and the lady wearing a blue t shirt with the parks logo on it tucked into some white booty shorts. She eyed Harry suspiciously.
"Sorry handsome, you can't cut the line." She said in a voice that sounded like Bianca's. Uh, I got shivers, on the bright side she's all the way in Massachusetts, going to stupid school ha. Harry gave her some change and took off his hood slightly so only she could see. When she finally got the picture, her eyes widened, and then smiled while flipping her hair. Hello can you not see me. She must of read my mind cos she glared at me. If looks could kill I'd be dead then I would die again, thanks now I'm dead. I looked down at my feet and Harry squeezed my shoulder. She let us go in and we soon saw Team Boobear waiting for us.
"Hazza!!!" Lou shouted while running in slow mo towards Harry like a bird tring to fly. Harry let go of my shoulders and did the same.
"Boobear!!" They ran into each other forming a hug, then let to. Louis looked from me to Harry, then back to me, smirking.
"How the two lovebirds doing?" I slapped his arm causing him to rubb it. "Owie, your mean!" ha.
"how bout we go on some rides?" Liam suggested. We all agreed. First we went on the Toungue Twister where you twist so much your Toungue gets twisted! I was kinda nervous but when Harry sat next to me he made me feel safe. I leaned my head against his shoulder and held on to his arm. He grinned for ear to ear, I just held on tight as the ride began. We went flying through the air my bangs went right in my face I couldnt see a thing. I heard Harry laughing, at me probably, as my head bounced up and down from his shoulder. After that ride, I think Niall regretted eating those fries. Oh who am I kidding he wouldn't regret eating food, but literally I looked like he was bout to puke. We went on a few more roller coasters. Then we went on The Lazy River. This lazy river went inside a dark tunnel with lights and stars hanging in it even a little rain fall. Kinda like the tunnel of love but without all those heart stuff. When it was our turn Harry got in first and he spread his legs open for me to sit. I sat inbetween his legs and layed back on him. He wrapped his arms around me. If you didn't know us, you'd think were a couple. As we went into the tunnel the water stopped flowing, the music stopped, and some lights turned off. I blinked, wondering what was going on, I looked a Harry who was doing the same. I heard crackling as someone started speaking.
"Excuse me folks we appear to have technical difficulties, please remain seated, we shall have it fixed shortly." He was telling us to calm down but I couldn't. I saw this in a episode of spongebob. Everything's gonna backfire and go crazy, then everything gonna break. I started breathing heavily. Harry quickly grabbed me into his arms rubbing circles on my back.
"Shhh.. Everythings gonna be okay, I'm here,I'm not leaving you" I let his voice soothe me I had calmed down when a few more lights blew out leaving us with four more little spotlights. I jumping and hugged Harry even tighter, he probably couldn't breath but I didn't care I was scared as hell. He kissed my hair then my forehead, creating goosebumps all over my body. He grabbed my chin in his free hand and gently lift it so that I could look at him. He gently brushed back some warm tears that I didn't know escaped and kissed my cheek. Looked into his eyes I saw lust. But why on earth would he want to kiss me. Stop thinking about that we are in a serious situation. He leaned in close enough that I could feel his breath on me face. It smelled minty, I wondered what his lips taste like. No stop it. He moved his lips closed to mine and grabbed my waist with his big warm hands. I got insecure for a second, being I'm so fat. I looked into his eyes, and I saw lust once again. A confused look went on my face. Are noses were now touching, when the lights popped back on and the raft started moving again. I quickly pushed away from him and went back in our position. I heard him sigh, but he wrapped his arms around me holding me to him.

After the ride we met up with the other guys. Whenever I looked up at Harry he was looking over at me. He was probably noticing how ugly I looked. So I did what I always did since I was in forth grade and tucked in my stomach making me look, well half decent. After a few more rides we got something to eat. Niall smiled ear to ear.
"I hope it's Nandos!!!" he exclaimed bouncing up and down like a monkey. Sadly, we got food from the park and they didn't have Nandos. But we dealt with it. I got two corndogs and so did Syan, Harry got a taco and some haribo gummy bears, Liam got cheeseburger, Zayn got the same thing, Lou got popcorn with carrots, and Niall got three types of chicken wings, popcorn, cotton candy, a burger, with two chocolate shake. Damn can he eat. As we were about to pay, I took out a ten dollar bill to pay for some. Harry frowned and shook his head.
"No need to pay Beautiful" When he called me beautiful I blushed a little. I still wasn't going to let him pay for me. I'll think of a way later. After we ate we rested a bit and decided to go on a walk. Again we split up, though the time, me and Harry, Niall and Zayn, Liam and Syan. Then Lou invited his girlfriend, Eleanor, so they walked to get together. (Sorry Liam doesnt have a girlfriend in this I don't hate her or anything but Syan wanted to date him so...) As we were walking we went by a magician. He had took off his hat and pulled out a bunny. The bunny was adorable. It had cute little pink ears on the inside and white on the outside, then had a black dot on his right eye, and it's tail was a big fluff ball. I envied it. It was being cute without even realizing it. It could eat all it want, and the fatter it got the cuter, or vis virsa. I couldn't help a frown appear on my face. Harry seemed to have noticed and put his arm around me putting his lips near my ear.
"Is everything alright, love?" He whispered sounding concerned, but I doubt it. His warm breath traveled down my neck sending my shivers. "You know we never finished what we, almost-started." he said suductivly. I turned to face him looking as confused as I felt. He just chuckled and grabbed my hand and dragged me God-knows-where. He pulled me into a blue tent. It was one of those big circus tents that might have mist for when it's hot out. He pulled me in a corner and grabbed my waist, this time I started to blush over my fatness. He just stared into my eyes trying to reveal the feelings I wouldn't show. He lifted a hand and gently moved my hair from my face with his fingertips. I got goosebumps where ever he touched me. When he push my hair behind my ear he cupped my chubby face with his hand, not breaking eye contact. I licked my lips, anxiously waiting. He stared at my lips with some more lust in his eyes. As if he couldn't take it anymore he gently crashed his lips into mine. I just stood there shocked for the first few seconds then got into it. Honestly I was embarrassed. 1: I was a ugly fat piece of shit. 2: I didn't know how to kiss. So I tried following his motion then I got the hang of it. I got so light headed, I forgot everything else in the world. Whrally ally got my attention was when he bit my bottom lip gently tugging at it. It tickled and I squirmed a bit. Then I let my hands trail up his neck and into his hair. I also let myself explore his curly locks, twisting and untwisting my fingers in them. Sadly he pulled away. I still had my eyes closed, savoring the moment. Again he placed his lips near my ear, "You can open your eyes now" He said softly before kissing my ear. My heart hurt so much trying to pound out of my chest. I was breathing heavily, and it was uneven. He chuckled at my reaction, pulling me into a hug and kissing my forehead, causing new goosebumps to form over the old ones from earlier.
"We should get going." He said, snapping me out of my trance. I shook my head as if it would help clear my head.
"Yea, let's go." I turned around to walk out of the tent when Harry grabbed my waist again pulling me back toward him.
"We should do this again some time." He said in his sexy, seductive voice against my neck. A smile creeped its way on my lips. He slowly let go, holding the tent door open for me, while I walked out. The sunlight hit my eyes making my eyes go blind for a second. I felt Harry grab my hand and interlocked our fingers. We swung them back and forth as we walked. We all met up at the entrance. When Lou saw us he smiled from ear to ear, that must really hurt.
"Oooohhh look at the two lovebirds over there." he said pointing in our direction.
"Don't you mean us?" I looked up to see Niall and Zayn pretending to kiss. Gross but funny, I laughed. Then did one of the three things I did when I laughed I twisted my toungue. It's not like it's noticeable but with Harry staring at my like im a science experiment he probably noticed. For the rest of the day we continued going on rides till it closed.
We went back to our teams except Syan and Niall switched so Syan can go home with me. I said goodbye to the other boys an followed Harry to his car followed by Syan. I noticed Syan was watching my like a hawk. I have a lot of explaining to do. The car ride was pretty silent minus the radio blasting. When What Makes You Beautiful came on, me and Syan started singing so loudly. Harry laughed at us making us blush. I told him what hotel it was before hand and we got there no problem. When he parked I unclicked my seat belt and Harry opened the door for both me and Syan. I smiled up at him as I got out of the car. Harry grabbed my hand again while Syan stared at our intertwined hands, giving me a you've-got-a-lot-of-explaining-to-do look. We walked to the elevator hitting the arrow pointing ^. I waited till it opened and hit our floor number. When we got there we stood outside our door, Syan already went in, so it just left me and Harry. We kinda just stared at eachother eyes. He grabbed my shoulders pulling my in and hugged me. His body up against mine felt so good. Soon he pulled back then pecked me on the cheek, then a little peck that lasted a little longer than the other one. I was about to got when he grabbed my wrist. I turned back to him, looking up at him questioningly.
"I kind of lost my number, can I have yours?" He asked with his famous crooked smile. I laughed and his cheesy cheekiness. I grabbed his phone and typed in my number:
Cute Lou Chick
I handed back his phone then remembered I wanted to pay him back.
"Hey could I have one more goodnight hug?" I asked. He hugged me again with a smirk on his face. I took the ten dollar bill out of my pocket and into his back pocket, returning the smirk. Then we waved good bye for the night.
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