Stand Up

Nina is the shy one, she barely talks at school,only to her friends. But she's always had crazy ideas well this idea was crazier from all her other stunts. What happens when the inspiration from this crazy idea, comes for a little visit. Little did she know that this crazy idea of hers was probably the best. Or will her insecurity get the best of her.


9. Good Morning

Harry's POV
She was in my arms and we were cuddling. I ducked my head to kiss her soft lips. They felt so right against mine. I grabbed her waist and pulled her into me. I rubbed circles on her back. Her cold hands on my warm chest. She pulled away and pressed her ear to my heart. I felt her cold ear followed by a cold piece of metal being the diamond earrings I bought her, she hasn't took them off since. She removed her ear to my chest leaving that certain spot cold from lost of her touch. Soon I was filled with satisfaction when her lips kissed my chest where my heart beated fast underneath. She kept kissing her way up to my lips. But when she got to my neck she met my soft spot kissing me there, then lightly brushing her toungue across the same spot. I started to moan when I heard a noise. It was a door opening then closing very softly. My dream slowly faded away. Along with Nina.

I opened my eyes to see a black figure walk through the door. I tensed up a bit, then relaxed as I saw it was Syan. She crept on her tippytoes into the bathroom. I heard the shower turn on, with the water crackling against the bare shower floor. I looked at Nina curled up in a ball sleeping. She had her glasses off and she looked as pretty without them. She shivered a bit as the ac blew cool air through the room. I wrapped my arms around her holding her tight. She froze, then got comfty, resting her head onto my chest. I saw the corners of her lips curl up in satisfaction. I smirked down at her even if she couldn't see me. She slowly opened her eyes, looking up at me. She blinked as if she thought she was still dreaming. When she realized I was really there she smiled.
" Goodmorning Beautiful." Her eyes twinkled as I said those two words. I kissed her forehead. I could feel goosebumps forming as I kissed her. She put her ear against my heart just like in my dream.
"Goodmorning Handsome." I chuckled softly never wanting to leave this spot. Unfortunately when Syan came out of the bathroom, Nina quickly pulled away. Was she ashamed to be seen with me? I hope not. I couldn't help a frown appear on my face. Nina looked up at me with apologetic eyes. I suppressed a fake smile. She mouthed, 'Sorry'. I nodded. I slowly got up off the bed and walked toward the the coffee machine. I took a cup that's provided, and started making some coffee. I glance at Nina from the corner of my eyes. She got up and walked towards her suit case picking out her clothes. She walked into the bathroom locking the door shut.
"Did I miss something?" I had forgot that Syan was there I looked over my shoulder and shrugged. When the coffee was finished I poured a cup for me. I hesitated not knowing if Nina wanted one. When Nina walked out of he bathroom, I turned around to ask her but I froze. She was wearing a blue tank top and a crock top with a heart made out of two hands, and some magenta skinny jeans with some blue socks that if you look at the they look camouflage. She was so beautiful it made my heart melt to be mad at her. I smiled warmly at her, and she smiled back.
"Hey beautiful, want some coffee?" I said still with my morning voice, her eyes sparkled. She nodded her head making her perfect curls go into her eyes. She grabbed her glasses from the burro, and put them on. Then I remembered our date tonight. Tonight's gonna be perfect. I handed her the coffee.
"Ready, for our date tonight?" She looked shocked, as if she forgot. She smiled and nodded.
"Most defiantly." she sounded so excited. I couldn't wait for our date.
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