Stand Up

Nina is the shy one, she barely talks at school,only to her friends. But she's always had crazy ideas well this idea was crazier from all her other stunts. What happens when the inspiration from this crazy idea, comes for a little visit. Little did she know that this crazy idea of hers was probably the best. Or will her insecurity get the best of her.


7. Car Trouble

Harry's POV
I exited the hotel room, and into the elevator. She was amazing. I loved everything about her. Wait I barley knew her I can't be falling in love with her, can I? I have to get to know her even better. The elevator door open. I walked out to see the desk girl from earlier waving at me. I waved back, making sure not to be flirty. I squinted my eyes to find my car in the darkness. When I couldn't I grabbed my keys and unlocked it, then I saw the lights flash so I headed in that direction. I opened the door and sat down over thinking that kiss. Her lips pressed into mine, moving in perfect harmony.i entered the keys into the slot and turned. I heard it start then shut off. I triped again nothing happen. I groaned, closing my eyes and leaning my head back. I reached for my phone to find it almost dead. I called Lou. It rang three times before my phone shut completely off. Great. I considered my options. I could go to a pay phone or stay at the hotel. Or something better, ask to stay in Ninas room. I slid out of the car and walked back toward the hotel. The girl looked up confused with joy I ignored her and walked towards the elevator hitting the floor button.
As I reached the floor I thought of what to say. I approached her door and knocked not to loud but not to soft. I saw the knob turn, to see Nina looking tired. Her eyes had water in them as if she just yawned. She was wearing a Jack Wills sweatshirt, the one Syan was wearing earlier. She was wearing nothing for pants, unless she was wearing booty shorts or something. I smiled as I met her eyes. As she realized It was me, she grinned ear to ear.

Nina's POV
I googled 'funny one direction pictures' I was looking through them when I heard a knock. I thought it was Syan, being she went to go get some milk at the store. I got up and yawned. God was I tired. I slowly turned the knob to see a curly mob of hair staring me up and down. I blinked a few times and rubbed my eyes. Curly Head was Harry. I smiled ear to ear.
"Miss me already?" I asked confused, with a hint of joy. He laughed driving my head in circles.
"Actually I was, but I'm having car trouble." He said with cockiness in his voice. I blushed, was he really missing me?
"How can I help you Curly?" I asked with his nickname I gave him a few minutes ago. He chuckled and said some words, that almost made me explode.
"Well, my car won't start and my phone died and I thought I could, maybe, stay with you for the night?" I couldn't believe, he wanted to stay over in my room with me. I was fangirling. Not cos he's Harry freaking Styles, but because I liked him, a lot.
"Sure," I said tring hard to sound nachulant but you could hear the happiness in my voice which is probably why he was smiling. That or I'm like half naked. I'm was only wearing some girl boxers, a comfortable bra, and my Jack Wills jumper. I blushed once more. I moved away from the door to let him in.
"Where am I going to sleep?" He asked looking around noticing that there's only two beds and me and Syan each have our own.
"You can sleep with me." I said a little too fast. "If you want, I mean." I quickly added. He chuckled and nodded.
"Which ones yours?" he asked I pointed to the one near the wall. He nodded again. He looked around again as if looking for something.
"Where's Syan?" he asked with a hopefull voice. I forgot Syan was going to be here with me and Harry.
"Oh, she went shopping for some milk." I answered as I layed back on the bed, continuing to look through the pictures I googled. I saw some funny pictures of Harry and smiled. Then I saw a picture saying, 'Harry once had a hour long conversation with a cat while he was drunk." now that made me laugh. Harry sat down next to me as I quickly hit the button on my IPad to go to the home page.
"What's so funny?" he asked curious. I smiled and said nothing. I turned my head to look up at him. He was giving my the puppy dog face. Aww... It was so darn cute. I soon gave in.
"Fine," I said as I showed him the picture. As he read it he laughed and blushed a little. He looked so cute. I could see his cute dimples and his cheeks turning light pink. I really wanted to kiss those cheeks. He noticed me staring and I looked away.
"Is this what you normally do, google us?" he asked lying down next to me. The left side of his body brushing up against mine. I couldn't think for a second. I looked down as I blushed.
"Well its very easy to find funny pictures of you guys, basically every picture is funny." I said.
"Oh, really what about this one?" he took the divice away from me and typed something then he placed it back down so I could see the picture. There was two pictures the first one was him shirtless in black and white. The next one was when his hair was all giffed up and had three pink kisses around him. I shivered.
"Not really, those just creep my out." I said. I looked over at him. He looked shocked.
"So you don't appreciate this gorgeous body of mine" he asked. I laughed. Oh how I did. Stop it.
"Well the first one, it doesn't look like you, the body I mean, and the second one just creeps me out, i mean they ruined your hair! And I never seen you with your shirt off so I can't 'appreciate your gorgeous body'" I reqouted from what he had said. He gave me the cheekiest smile I ever saw.
"Not for long," he said while he winked. "Hey can I change for bed?" I nodded
"The bathroom is over there." I pointed to the bathroom.
"No need to." he got up off the bed. He slid his shirt revealing his abs. God were they good. I wanted to touch them so bad. He noticed my staring and smirked I rolled my eyes and looked away. I was soon drawn back to his perfect body when he unbutton his pants and pulled them down. Now he was only in his boxers I think I was drooling by this point. He kept smirking and layed back down next to me. I was mesmerized by his body.
"Okay I take that back, I DO appreciate your gorgeous body." I hadn't realized I said that out loud untill Harry chuckled at me. I blushed and looked down, then back at his body. Harry grabbed my chin making me look at him.
"My eyes are up here, Love." he chuckled. I looked into his eyes, then to his lips, wanting his pink lips to touch mine. As if he had read my mind he slowly crept closer to me, I turned to face him. His lips gently pressed into mine. Are lips moved in sync. He bit my bottom lip again. Then he lightly brushed his tongue across my lips. I didn't know how to kiss like this. I let him enter my mouth, anyway. Our tongues danced together. My body felt all warm and fuzzy inside. I wanted to do this every second of the day. He pushed away. I saw some more lust in his eyes followed by my lust I was feeling inside. He gave me a questioning look and I took action. First I put the IPad on the floor the I crashed my lips onto his. I felt him smile into the kiss. He grabbed my waist pulling me into him as he rolled over so I was on my back, and he was on top of me. We kept kissing in harmony then I pulled back, smiling up at him. He returned the smirk and kissed my neck. His lips pressed into my soft spot and I moaned. I felt him smile into my neck and gently gave me a love bite. Again I moaned. When he realized I probably wanted more he pulled away and pecked my lips then he got off of me. What a tease. If he kept doing this I was going to die. Now i wanted him more than ever. Wait stop it we just met. I touched the spot where he bit me, I savored this moment. Then I heard a knock at the door. I sighed and got up from the bed. I turned the knob to see Syan standing there with milk and some candy.
"Hi, wait what are your wearing and what's on your neck" She asked then she walked in to see Harry only in his boxers. "I'm I interrupting something?" she said smirking.
"No" "Yes" my and Harry said at the same time.( me: no and harry: yes) I looked over at him.
"I see," she said. "you guys want to be alone?" she asked I nodded. Thanks for ruining the moment.
"Okay, hey mind if I go to Liam's for the night?" she asked, I looked at her and shook my head.
"No love I don't mind have fun." I whispered into her ear as she was about to leave and winked.
"Same with you." She said gestering to Harry. This was going to be a long night.
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