Stand Up

Nina is the shy one, she barely talks at school,only to her friends. But she's always had crazy ideas well this idea was crazier from all her other stunts. What happens when the inspiration from this crazy idea, comes for a little visit. Little did she know that this crazy idea of hers was probably the best. Or will her insecurity get the best of her.


2. Bored

As soon as I got home I called Syan.
"Hello NiNi!!" She said all happily with joy.
"Hi" When I said it, it sounded like I was depressed, but I couldn't help it.
"Huh, what's wrong?"
"I stood up to Bianca, and called her a bitch." I said it so fast I'm shocked she heard me clearly.
"You WHAT!!?!?!? Girl I tought you well" she sounded all happy and proud but she missing the problem here!
"Syan! She said she that I will pay." I got terrified even thinking about.
"Okay, then I'll be there in a sec, an we'll do something to get your mind of it Hun."
"I--." That was all I managed to get out before she hung up on me. So whilst I waited. I looked up at my walls. In my opinion they were pretty cool I had tons of posters like Avril Lavigne, One Direction, Maroon 5, i also had half of a wall with scratched CDS glued to it. It looked like a huge mirror and in the morning it sparkles leaving a few rainbows in my room. I jumped when I saw my door open, and look for the closest weapon I could find. I took my music stand and stood there like a baseball player ready to swing. It opened more and Syan came in all happy, then when she looked at me she put her hands up and froze.
"Your not going all ninja on me are you?" I half smiled. Then we did our thing were we look at each other in the eyes and start cracking up at the same time.
"Sorry I thoughtful were an intruder." I said apologizing. And giving her the puppy face. She frowned, and I already knew what she was going to say next.
"I do it cuter" She has said it with a series face, but I looked at her dark brown eyes, that looked black when you looked at them, and we started laughing.
"So what you wanna do?" Syan asked jumping on my bed.
"What to do, I don't know something...CRAZY!!!" I exclaimed jumping up and down, but shortly ran out of breathe so I started coughing inbetween gasps of laughter.
"Haha take a breather will ya? Don't wanna loose ya yet!" Syan gasped whilst laughing almost as hard as me. All of a sudden, I knew exacltly what to do.
"Com'on" I said grabbing her hand and pulling her off the bed. She where we were going, and I just said, "You'll see!" Even though she looked confused I left her hanging. She just went along with me.

I had already told Syan the plan and she already called her parents, and they said yes! So I took out my blue IPhone and called my mum. On the second ring she answered.
"Hello?" She asked sounding worried.
"Is everything alright mum?" When ever she gets nervous over the phone, I get nervous.
"Whats up sweetie?" I ignored the way she sounded,and put on my best begging voice and asked, "Mum can me and Syan go to London this summer?"
"Uhh sweetie..." Crap, let's try again.
"Mum it's okay I'm 18, I just need some time away." Please say it worked.
"Is it okay with Syans mum and when will you leave." YES!!!
"Yes and there's two tickets available for tomorrow at 6 in the morning." I said trying my best not to sound excited.
"But hunny, that's during school can't you wait another week?" I heard the worried voice come back.
"But Mum we need this trip an it's only one week, it means I can stay far away from Bianca too. And we'll ask for and do the rest of the homework for this year and send em out please we really need this." I begged. I looked over to Syan at first she was mad at the fact we had t do homework then she looked like if my mum said no hen she would cry.
"Fine." I felt like I couldn't breathe but in a good way. I didn't care that we were n the middle of the mall I jumped up and down and screamed. Once I realized my mum was still on the phone I said, trying to act normal while breathing heavily, "Thanks mum so much thank you, thank you, thank you, love you bye!" After I hung up on the phone, I looked into Syans eyes and once again we screamed our heads off, like literally I think I lost my voice. But not enough to not laugh at the way we acted.
"Lets go get our tickets" I said once we calmed down. WE'RE GOING TO LONDON BABY!!!!

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