Stand Up

Nina is the shy one, she barely talks at school,only to her friends. But she's always had crazy ideas well this idea was crazier from all her other stunts. What happens when the inspiration from this crazy idea, comes for a little visit. Little did she know that this crazy idea of hers was probably the best. Or will her insecurity get the best of her.


5. Awkward

It was kinda awkward just sitting there. I mean besides, Niall chomping on Nandos; Lou cracking up jokes; Liam talking about Toy Story; Zayn yawning and looking at his reflection perfecting his hair; and Harry flipping his hair getting me overwhelmed, we just sat there. After about five minutes I stood up.
"Ummm..we should be going," I hesitated, looking over their reactions. They looked all disappointed, especially Harry. Then Syan's face was priceless, she must thinking crazy. We meet one direction and I wanna leave. Harry stood up right in front of me.
"Please stay.." He said it so only I could hear him. I looked into his eyes. They were green with a hint a blue, for sadness. I wanted to stay so bad but I couldn't.
"But it's your anniversary today I can't ruin your day." I said trying to make reason with him.
"You wouldn't ruin our day, you'd make it better." He said with a wink, cheekiness man alive. He just wouldn't budge. He held up his pointer finger, signaling me to hold on, and turned around to walk toward the other guys. After about two minutes, I was going to make a run for it, but he walked back up to me.
"The boys and I agreed that you and your friend can spend the day with us." He said his eyes turning slightly goldish, as if showing his joy. Part of me was relieved that we could stay, the other part still felt like I was being rude.
"Fine... But do we have to stay in here for the whole day?" I asked with a hint of annoyance in my voice. I didn't really care if we did I just didn't want to be temped to eat, i mean like Im fat enough.
"Of course not love," He chuckled, driving my head in circles. "We can do what ever you wa-" I cut him off by putting my finger on his soft pink lips. I felt his hot breath against my finger giving me chills. He seemed to have noticed and smirked. I rolled my eyes and removed my finger.
"No what ever YOU guys want to do. Remember it's your day were just like the third wh- or should I say sixth and seventh wheel." This time he rolled his eyes and laughed. Not so awkward anymore.

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