When It Was You and Me

Cassidy Morgan has always been your average teenage girl. That is until One Direction performs at her Sweet Sixteen. Now it's about 2 years later, and she's dating Niall Horan. But when a misunderstanding occurs, everything goes crazy. Punches are thrown, tears are shed, and nobody knows why's going to happen next. All that they know, is that forever may have to wait.


31. One last goodbye

Cassidy's POV
Last Chapter!!

I opened my eyes to the white and gold clouds that surrounded me. I rubbed my eyes and stood up. I took a look down, and smiled. I have never been this high up before. As I stared out at the sun, a massive amount of red balloons, flew straight towards me. I grabbed each paper from the string, and let the balloons go again.
5 little notes folded into little squares, each made me cry. I missed my family. I needed them. I looked down again, and had an idea.
I jumped off of the soft cloud, and into the world. I didn't even have to think about it. I was at Niall's apartment in 5 seconds. I walked through the door, and into the nearest room. A little girl with wavy brown hair slept peacefully. This was what my Hayden had become. I stroked her hair and face, but she couldn't feel it (you know why).
"I miss you too, Hayden." I whispered. "What a big girl you are now. Beautiful and kind, you will do great things later in time. I love you,"
I floated next door to Will's room. I rubbed his back, then said, "I'm always in your heart. We have met before, you just don't know it. I love you, William," I said.
I then hurried into the living room, where Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Louis slept with the television on.
I stood in front of them.
"You are the most amazing people I have ever met. Keep singing, keep taking care of my babies, I will be watching. Love my Lou Lou, my Hazza, my Leeyum and my Bradford Bad Boi," I giggled.
I made my last room special. The last two people laid next to each other, silently snoring.
I made my way to Demi.
"Demi, you need to be here for Niall and my children. Treat them as if they are your own. I need them to be safe and happy. You will be a great mother and wife one day," I finished.
I swiftly moved to the left side, where my lover slept. I put my hand on his cheek while I talked.
"You are mine forever. I'm always here. I never left. Propose to Demi. Give her the wedding we never had. She is your princess. And you are her prince. Be happy, and don't worry about me. I'm fine. And I will make sure to save you the brightest and closest star to me, my darling. We will be together again." I kissed his cheek, then floated out the window and into the clouds. I sat in the same cloud I was before, but I soon moved. I heard the cry of a baby in a nearby cloud. I hurried over, to see a little baby boy. He was wrapped in a beautiful blue blanket, that said "Lucas" on it in swirly letters. It was the same blanket Ari got me when I told her I was pregnant with twins.
He laid in a little cradle that hospitals usually put newborns in. I looked at the name card, which read "Lucas Willam Horan".
I gasped, then picked up the smiling baby. He's mine. Maybe I'm not alone after all.
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