When It Was You and Me

Cassidy Morgan has always been your average teenage girl. That is until One Direction performs at her Sweet Sixteen. Now it's about 2 years later, and she's dating Niall Horan. But when a misunderstanding occurs, everything goes crazy. Punches are thrown, tears are shed, and nobody knows why's going to happen next. All that they know, is that forever may have to wait.


25. I'm moving on

When It Was You and Me chap 25

*5 years later*

"DADDY!" Hayden yelled, as she jumped on my bed.
"Hi Hon," I said, trying to sound as awake as possible.
"Daddy, do you know what today is?" She giggled.
"What?" I said.
"It's Mommy's birthday!" She smiled.
"I remember," I said, recalling Cassidy's last birthday before the incident. She would have been 24 today. August 17, 1993. We first met on this date too. August 17, 2009. Her 16th birthday.
Will rubbed his eyes as he stood in my doorway.
"Morning buddy!" I said.
"Hi Daddy!" He said, as he jumped on the bed with us.
There was a quiet knock at the front door. I slid on some sweat pants, and hurried to the door, leaving the kids in my bed.
There she stood, beautiful as always. The second love of my life. My amazing girlfriend, Demi Lovato.
She smiled her huge smile that made me go nuts, and said "Hey Nialler!"
"Hey," I said back, as she kissed my cheek.
She came in, and hurried to my room.
"DEMI!" I heard the kids scream.
Demi was perfect for me. She was amazing with the kids, and they loved her a lot. The boys liked Demi too. I had to get the seal of approval before I asked her out.
I had decided that I wanted to marry Demi. She was an amazing mother like figure... and I loved her as much as I love Cassidy. She's mine forever, but she would want the kids to have a "mother", and she would want me to move on.
Just then, the boys come barging in.
"NIALL! HARRY TOOK MY COMB!" Zayn whined, as Harry and Louis tossed it back and forth.
"Enough boys!" I laughed, as they went and joined Demi and the kids in my room.
I followed, and saw the boys and Demi playing with the kids. I sat beside them and put an arm around Dem.
"Hey guys," I said. "Since it's Mommy's birthday, I think we should all make her a nice cards... how bout that?"
Everyone nodded in approval, as I got 5 blank pieces of paper. One for the boys, one for Hayden, one for Will, one for Demi, and the last, for me.
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