When It Was You and Me

Cassidy Morgan has always been your average teenage girl. That is until One Direction performs at her Sweet Sixteen. Now it's about 2 years later, and she's dating Niall Horan. But when a misunderstanding occurs, everything goes crazy. Punches are thrown, tears are shed, and nobody knows why's going to happen next. All that they know, is that forever may have to wait.


10. Forever has to Wait

I woke up, brushing my hair out of my face. I stretched, but my arm hit something. I jumped and saw Dustin still sleeping there. I sighed and got up. I walked around, trying to find some pants. I eventually gave up, and put on an oversized t-shirt. It wasnt until I looked in the mirror til I figured out it was actually Dustin's.
Whatever. He won't mind. I went downstairs and started to brew some coffee. 15 minutes later, I stood at the breakfast bar. Dustin came out with his shorts on, but no shirt. He tried to kiss me on the cheek, but I pushed him away. 
"This never happened," I whispered. "You cannot tell anyone this happened. This is dead to me. Do you swear?" 
"Um I guess, but Cass-"
The doorbell rang. I motioned for him to stay while I answered it.

I opened the door, to a person. A person named Niall James Horan. I couldn't say anything. 
"Cassidy we need to talk," he said.
"Niall nows not a good time," I said trying to close the door. 
"No, we have to," he replied.

"Cassidy where's my phone?" Dustin yelled.
We were both silent. 
"Whos inside?" Niall asked me.
"No one," I lied.
"Who are you hiding?!?!" he yelled, pushing through me and walking to the kitchen.
I chased after him, but my the time I got in there, Niall was already beating the shit out of Dustin.
"NIALL! STOP!" I screamed.
I tried pulling them off of each other, but in the process, Dustin pushes Niall, who fell into me, and I hit my head on the floor. I sat up and rubbed my head, and strafed at the two boys. They were both bloody and bruised. 
I stood up and went in between them.
"ENOUGH!" I yell.
They separate quickly. 
"Dustin, you need to go now," I said.
"Yeah!" Niall said.
"Shut it!" I yelled at him. He looked hurt, but he deserved it.

"But-" Dustin started.
"OUT," I said. 
After he left, Niall said "Babe I'm so sorry. I was drunk and high and I'm so stupid. I'm so sorry,"

I looked at him. "Its going to take me a while to forgive you, but I'm ok for now,"

He leaned into kiss me but I jerked away.
"Niall everything's not going to be fine now," I said.
"What do you mean?" 
I started to tear up. My throat clenched up and I was scared. I knew what I wanted to say, but I didn't have the strength to say it.
"I... I think we need a break," I choked out.

"No Cassidy don't do this to me," he begged. "I love you."

"Niall I'm so sorry," 

He paused and his face started to turn red and tears were streaming down his cheeks.
"But... but you said forever and ever," he whispered.
"I know what I said," I whispered back. I cleared my throat. "Bur forevers just going to have to wait,"

He made a sound that sounded like a yelp, then sprinted out the door.
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