When It Was You and Me

Cassidy Morgan has always been your average teenage girl. That is until One Direction performs at her Sweet Sixteen. Now it's about 2 years later, and she's dating Niall Horan. But when a misunderstanding occurs, everything goes crazy. Punches are thrown, tears are shed, and nobody knows why's going to happen next. All that they know, is that forever may have to wait.


6. Everyones Together

We grabbed the suitcases and I unlocked the door.
"Babe?" I yelled. "Guess he left. Go unpack your stuff and then we will head over to the boys flat,"
They raced up the stairs and I opened my laptop.

I went on twitter and tweeted: FINALLY! My best friends @Tennesee_queen and @jackattack are here! Love them!

I closed it up and grabbed my phone as they trotted down the stairs. 
"That's was awful fast!" I joked.

"We wanna go see the boys!" Ari yelled. 

We jumped into the limo and drove to the boys' place.

I twisted the doorknob, and the scent of the boys' cologne stung my nose. I quickly waved it away, and yelled, "I'm heeeeeere! Niall? Leyuuuum? Hazz?" I dropped my purse on the couch and sat the two at the breakfast bar. 
"Ima go see where they are," I told them.
"I'm going to the bathroom," Jack said.
"I'll just stay here," Ari laughed.
I headed upstairs to Niall and Liam's room. I knocked on the door. 
"Ni? Liam?"
"Coming!" someone yelled on the other side.
My heart leaped when I saw it was Niall.
"Hey-" I could barely finish my sentence before he grabbed my waist and shut the door.
He kissed me passionately and he was acting... different.
I pulled back. "What was that for?" I gasped.
"Just felt like I haven't had a lot of time with you,"
I laughed and said "You slept over last night!"
"I know but we don't really get a lot of time to just hang out,"
"That's why it's just gonna be you and me after my party," 
I leaned in again, but we were interrupted my Liam.
"Ah! My eyes! That hurt my eyes! You know I live in this room also!" he yelled.
"Hi Li," I said. "C'mon, Ari and Jack are downstairs,"

We hurried back into the kitchen, to see Harry and Ari staring at each other lovingly. She turned to look at us and her face lighted up. 
"Niall! Liam!" she ran over and gave them massive hugs. 

I looked at Harry who looked a bit disappointed. 
"Awh, Hazz is left out! It's okay babe!" I said, sitting on his lap and hugging him.
"At least someone loves me!" he fake cried.

"ARI!" Louis yells.
"BOOBEAR!!" she yells back. They both run towards each other and hug for awhile. I see Jack talking to the boys too.

I'm getting even more excited about my birthday now that everyone's here.
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