When It Was You and Me

Cassidy Morgan has always been your average teenage girl. That is until One Direction performs at her Sweet Sixteen. Now it's about 2 years later, and she's dating Niall Horan. But when a misunderstanding occurs, everything goes crazy. Punches are thrown, tears are shed, and nobody knows why's going to happen next. All that they know, is that forever may have to wait.


7. Birthday Party

"Boo boo? Wake up," I soft voice said.
I groaned and rolled over, but jumped up when I remembered that it was my birthday. 
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!" Ari and Jack both yelled. 
"Aw thanks guys!" I said, hugging them.
I called Niall after, but he didn't pick up. I was sad he hasn't picked up. He would have been the first person to call... or at least that's what I thought. 
It was already 1 by the time I had gotten back from my birthday breakfast at my favorite diner in London. 
The party started at 7, so we had enough time. 

Later on, it was just the three of us, like old times. 
"So," I said to Ari. "Seems like Harry has the hots for you,"
"Maybe," she said, with a little smile.
"What about you Jack? You off the market?"
"Actually," he started. "Yes,"
"Aw!" Ari squealed. "What's his name?"
"Tucker," he said dreamily.
"That's sweet," I told him.

Before I knew it, it was 6. I started with a nice long shower. I was all clean, when I picked out a fitted, white dress, that ended at my knees. It was strapless and had a big black shiny belt. I wore my favorite pair of black stilettos to match.

Ari looked even better. Her dress was a bright red, with a sweetheart neckline. She had silver wedges, and a silver purse to match.

We all headed out to the club, which was packed with people. A soon as I entered, everyone screamed "HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASSIDY!" 
I smiled the biggest smile imaginable as everyone hugged me and wishes me a good birthday. Niall came out of the sea of people, and I hugged him tightly.
"Thank you so so SO much babe!" I cried.
"Anything for my girl," he whispered.

We danced and chatted with other fiends of mine. Niall had vanished off somewhere, but I soon found him talking to Nicole. I didn't remember inviting her, but I didn't really care. 
I gulped down 3 drinks in a period of 15 minutes. 
I stumbled around the dance floor, looking for Niall. I finally found him, and he was about as drunk as I was. 
We were dancing, when he finally pulled me close, and said, "You wanna go home and hang now?" 
I nodded my head and grabbed his hand. 
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