Blinded Love.

Love is the most frustrating thing on earth. It messes with your feelings. It makes you cry, happy, mad, depressed, and anything else you can think of. But in the end, love is blind. ~ Scarlet Rae Johnson


1. Flash Forward.

Flash Forward.


I speed down the highway in the rental car. I felt the tears cascade down my my cheek, dripping down in my lap. I whipped them away now wanting to have a crash. I tried to keep my mind on the road, but everywhere I looked I saw his lips on hers. I heard all the lies that he once told me.  


Our first kiss, our first date, and all the memories we both had. He wanted to throw all that away, for her. He wanted to throw away two years. The worst part, I didn't out from him. I found out by his fans. Not even the lads had the guts to tell me the horrible things that he was doing.  


The thing that surprised me was that not even Liam told me. I could see Louis and Zayn covering up for Harry. But not Liam, especially Niall. I couldn't believe that he didn't tell me. He lied to me for Harry. I felt pathetic used, and betrayed. I felt as though I had been stepped on, and backstabbed.


I wanted to show him the same things, but I didn't have the heart to do that to him. I didn't have the heart to do the same thing that he did to me. I couldn't bring myself to do that. I slammed the door, stepping out in my jeans and t-shirt. I was in rush, and hadn't had time to put anything on.


I remember the times that he used to tell me that when I wasn't wearing makeup or anything, I looked the best. Funny how he's snogging her now, and her face is covered in makeup. I slammed the door to the car, wiping the tears from my eyes. I stomped into the hotel, walking up the desk.


I knew that he would be sharing a room with Louis, ''What room is Louis Tomlinson in?'' I questioned.


''I cannot tell you that, I had specific orders-'' I cut the man off, by slamming a hundred bill on the counter. He immediately got quiet, and went on his computer, searching for the room that I desperately needed to go to.


''Room 745.'' He informed, handing me a key. I thanked him, stalking my way to the elevator. I walked  towards only to see that it was broken. I sighed, walking over to the stairs. I stalked all the way to the seventh floor. After what seems like hours, I finally got to the seventh floor, running down the hall, halting at the room that I was searching for.


It had the number '745' written, elegantly, on the door. I swiped out my key, putting it in the slot, making it turn into a bright green. I brusted the door open, walking into the room, the tears coming to my face. I walked into the living room, to see a surprised Louis.


He looked down, knowing that I knew what was happening, ''I don't know.'' He muttered.  


''Louis, I'm really done with this bullshit. I don't know how you could still defend him with all these lies. I know he's your best-friend and all, but I still have feelings.'' I explained, feeling the tears start to escape my eyes.  


''What do you mean?'' He asked me, and I broke down. The sobs escaping from my chest, shaking my whole body.    


Louis took me in his arms, soothin me, ''Calm down, Scar.'' I hiccuped a couple of times, trying to control myself. After a few more hiccups, and sobs, I finaly stopped.


''Nobody told me, Lou. Zayn, Niall, Liam, and you. All four of you knew but didn't tell me. You all knew what he was doing. He was playing me, and you all let him. You didn't do anything. You let him break my heartm and just left me alone. None of you bothered to warn me, or even tell me.'' I sobbed, letting the tears fall on his shirt.


He sighed, ''Scarlet, it's not that. Harry made me feel guilty, telling me I wasn't being a good friend if I told you.'' He explained to me, as I blinked out the tears, trying to get a good look at him.


''What about the other boys?'' I asked, not wanting to really hear what Harry had done.

He looked at the ground, before looking down at me again, ''Zayn found out after me, but Harry begged him not to tell you. Liam was the next to find out, and Harry took his phone away. He knew that Liam would feel guilty for lying and wanted to tell you,'' He explained, as I searched his eyes, looking for one thing, the truth. That was surely all he was speaking right now.


I looked at the ground before whispering the next name, ''Niall?''


He looked at me, before continuing to tell me, ''He still doesn't know, but when he finds out. He's going to want to kill Harry, and I'm sure Liam will want to join in.'' Louis added in, as I let out a small sigh.


''I want to go talk to Harry, or at least confront him. Can you just please tell me where he is?'' I asked him, as he nodded.


''He's at Venice Beach, and she's there too.'' He finally told me. I nodded and muttering a thanks.

I was about to leave when Louis stopped me, ''Do you want me to drive you?'' He offered, as I looked back at him.

 I looked at him for a second, ''I'm fine.'' I told him, before walking out the door.    


I slowly walked down the hallway, now wanting to get to the beach. I knew the moment that I got there, and I saw her with him, Every was over. Everything we had, ever had would be over, and there was nothing he could really do about it. I walked down the stairs, slower then usual. I felt my phone ring, but I ignored it.


I didn't want to talk to anyone, right now. I just wanted to get this over with. I finally got to the main doors, letting the doorman open the door for me, as I walked out the hotel. I walked to my car, and started to speed down the highway once again. I was hoping she was going to be there with him, so I can yell at both of them.


I raced down the highway, not wanting to waste any time. I just wanted to get this down and over with. I was tired of all these little games that Harry was playing me with, and I just wanted to end them. I wanted the lying to stop, because it was all playing with my mind.


Harry was messing with my mind, and I was getting tired of it. He thought that he could do anything with me, that he could just walk over me. He thought that I was stupid, and didn't know what was going on. But I did know what was going on. I wasn't born yesterday.

I finally got to the beach, parking my car, and walking down the little bath they had. I looked out at the beach, seeing that there was no one there. Who would be at the beach when it's almost dark. But that's when I spotted a table slightly in front of the pier rocks. I saw him.


The curly hair, the blazer that made him look flawless, the dimple was showing. I looked at them both, smiling and laughing. They both looked so happy. Harry was smiling from ear to ear. His perfect little dimple was showing. He looked at her with those twinkling green eyes that had once, looked at me in the same way.

  He was happy, and I couldn't do anything about it. It broke my heart in to a million little pieces. That should've been me, making him laugh and smile. That should have  been me, sitting there in her spot. But no, he lied to me. I felt the tears start to slip down my cheeks, dripping off my chin.


  I looked at him, watching him have the time of his life, while I stood here, broken hearted. I watched him with my bright blue orbs, as he fed her a bite of his cheesecake. I loved cheesecake, and he knew that. My heart throbbed, remembering all the those times he made those cheesecakes when he worked at the bakery.


All those memories racing through my mind at a hundred miles per hour. They were racing from right to left, left to right, They were just racing to fast, and I was having a hard time trying to keep up with all of our memories we shared together. The two years worth of memories, would all be gone in a matter of minutes.    


I remembered how everything was so easy when he was around, I was always laughing, and smiling. When he was there by my side, I was the happiest person. But when he was gone, I was forcing myself to smile. The kisses, the dates, the hugs, and the love. It was all nothing to him, while it was everything to me.


He was my everything, and my life. I couldn't grasp the thought that he didn't love me, as much as I loved him. I though that he had loved me, but I was completely wrong. I didn't even think of my Harry doing this to me. I thought that he would always be by my side. I thought he had meant 'forever' when he said 'forever'.


I guess I was wrong, for believing. I guess that I shouldn't believe his lies anymore. I didn't fully know why he had done this to me, but I was about to find out. And once he told me the truth about this whole situation, I would be gone. What I mean by gone, is out of Harry's life forever.


Her laugh broke my train of thoughts, making me bright blue orbs flicker to them. I studied them both, wondering when they would notice me. I started to walk towards them, getting closer and closer there little table. Everything froze, and his emerald green eyes, met my ocean blue ones.


He froze what he was doing, watching tears fall from my eyes. I watched her turn around, smirking as if this is what she wanted. Me, brokenhearted. He watched me, waiting for me to do something. The truth was that I couldn't do anything, I was frozen and speechless. I had no words to say, and no moves to make.


  ''Scar.'' His raspy voice spoke out, as tears gathered in his eyes. How could he have tears in those eyes, when he didn't even love me. Those eyes that I loved so dearly, those curls I loved to mess with, and that voice I adored to hear in the mornings. All those kisses, hugs, dates, gifts, and memories were all gone and wasted. 


All those times he told me he loved me, he lied. All those times he said that I was the only one for him, he lied. All those times that he told he would never leave me, he lied. I was to busy to notice that one day, he wouldn't love me. That one day, I wouldn't be the only one for him. That one day, he would leave me. That was day today. Love had made me blind.

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